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  1. Kovak

    Can't get in ?

    Okay here's the latest from the discord then Dredd-Today at 19:00 We aren't going to open a server where only a fraction of players can log in, while the others wait in the flooded auth. We're sorting this out, the whole team is on it. @here Dredd-Today at 19:06 @everyone We've dealt with it. We hope it won't occur any more. The whole team is monitoring the situation. @everyone The server is on.
  2. Kovak

    Can't get in ?

    Go onto the official discord, you'll get info quicker through their announcements there.
  3. Kovak

    Shadowmourne Quest Line

    And this relates to the intent of whether something will or will not be implemented blizzlike how?
  4. Kovak

    Shadowmourne Quest Line

    It's a legitimate question. Get out of the help category.
  5. Kovak

    Shadowmourne Quest Line

    I was wondering if any staff member could provide some clarity on the shadowmourne quest line. Will the full shadowmourne quest line be released with ICC or further down the road after? Will the shadowfrost shard's drop chance be the same as retail or nerfed with custom rates? Thanks.
  6. Oh damn thanks for the playlist, been looking for a few raids to look through cheers.
  7. I can't imagine how annoying it is for both Sunwell & M's staff teams to have to tolerate this constant dick war between a low % of both player bases.
  8. Hey what faction you rolling? I'm slowly tilting towards horde but still haven't made up my mind. I'm GMT+0 timezone (London), but could still make it work
  9. Kovak

    Show off your UI!

    Lovin' the cleanness of map/action bars, gonna use some of this as inspiration. Just need a cleaner look for target frames though imo.
  10. Kovak

    Releasing of PvE and PvP seasons

    Loving the clarity on things atm.
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