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  1. Asureuz

    Report Dripac

    Hello, Player was punished. Regards
  2. Asureuz

    Astira (banned by Asureuz)

    Hello, It doesn't looked like "connection issue", additionaly Your ping (ms) was normal, flying character isn't normal also. I'll reduce Your ban. Regards
  3. Asureuz

    acc ban

    Hello, Screenshots from report shows that You distributed item without any roll. In this case and without proofs in this appeal I have to rereject this. Not enough proofs. Report rejected. Regards
  4. Asureuz

    Astira (zbanowany przez Asureuz)

    Hello, Write Your appeal in English language. Report rejected. Regards
  5. Asureuz

    not a good behaviour

    Hello, We don't interfere in 5-man dungeon loot issues. This behaviour doesn't break our rules, so we cannot punish players fot that. Regards
  6. Asureuz

    REPORT Corru

    Hello, Player was punished. Regards
  7. Asureuz

    ninjaloot At Bryntoll

    Hello, These screenshots aren't enough proof. I don't see who got item. Report rejected Regards
  8. Asureuz

    67. Levenstein

    Hello, Player Levenstein will be added to our ninjalist, banned for 7 days and item will be deleted. Regards
  9. Asureuz

    66. Neverswd

    Hello, Player Neverswd was added to the ninjalist. Regards
  10. Asureuz

    [Report] Dorla

    Hello, This screenshot isn't enough proof. It doesn't shows that it was RDF group or normal party. Regards
  11. Asureuz

    65. Orjhara

    Hello, Player Orjhara was added to the ninjalist. Regards
  12. Asureuz

    [Report] Versaciex

  13. Asureuz

    64. Versaciex

    Hello, Player Versaciex was added to the ninjalist. Regards
  14. Asureuz

    [Report] Account theft

    Hello, We don't interfere in Your account security. If You want to avoid this situation in the future turn on TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION. Regards
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