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  1. takisobielaps

    Twink 19

    DONT CRY DONT CRY XDDDDDDDDDDDDD btw sell each arena master 200g (promotion) btw2 : nice change aspects by mouse XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD btw3 : nice DISTRACTING SHOT ON HOTKEY XDDDDDDDDDD i can sell agm, for you 400g each, noob hunter kill me please
  2. takisobielaps

    report - raymond

    Your name - DobaxalchemyReported player's name - raymondDate - 28.07.18Rule that was broken - speaking polish/insultingEvidence -
  3. takisobielaps

    Appeal - Dobaxgodx

    Name of the character that was punished - Dobaxgodx Ban reason - falsely accused of hacking Name of a GM that punished you - GM Doremi Description - Hello, I'd like to appeal Doremi's decission regarding (http://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/topic/3797-report-dobaxgodx/&tab=comments#comment-10325). Firstly, there are no remarks present in server rules that cover jumping and secondly the attached screenshots are simply insufficient proofs. 11th paragraph of server rules that is given as ban reason states : Fixed Arena and Battleground matches are strictly prohibited. - it is in no way relatable to the issue since jumping is neither fixing arenas nor battlegrounds so there is no basis for such a harsh decision. Moreover, the screens attached prove nothing since there are no time stamps to conclude that banned player was unreachable for a longer period of time to interfere with default WsG gameplay and it's a place that any player can get to without 3rd party ownership what banned player will gladly prove. Lastly, the player reporting uses words like 'hacking' to justify his complaint and such accusation has nothing to do with reality and I believe that Guild Master judging such cases should operate with more care and knowledge. Therefore, I appeal Doremi's decision for it is ungrounded, unjustified and not covered by server rules and call for unbanning my character as soon as possible. Kind regards, Dobaxgodx @Doremi @Doremi what rules am i breaking since there are no rules regarding hiding behind textures in battlegrounds since it's a blizzlike feature?
  4. takisobielaps

    Twink 19

    New discord : https://discord.gg/6fRtwr8 join!
  5. takisobielaps

    Twink 19

    It's good, but it can be better if horde would have permament team, no team on 1 wsg (and dodge XDD)
  6. takisobielaps

    Twink 19

    this forum is lives or not?
  7. takisobielaps

    Twink 19

    hello, im back to game (alliance) Doba.
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