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  1. korvan

    Discord ban

    alo i got banned from discord during the server launch coz i copy pasta'd some meme that everyone was spamming, im sorry for the mistake and would be nice to have an unban. my discord is: /<orvan#5145 ty and merry xmas all sunwell staff
  2. korvan

    Imagine - Racism

    player imagine called me inbred mixrace after i say on horde to queue av http://prntscr.com/lyslbf
  3. korvan

    banned from discord

    I was banned from the discord for posting an image that changes when clicked on. It was a really dumb idea I admit, I was just adding to the chaos going on in the TBC general chat at the time. If I could please get another chance that'd be greatly appreciated and I'm sorry for posting the image. Discord: kingfx#5145
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