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  1. Empathy

    [Report] Sixhotloads

    Your name - Phxy Reported player's name - Sixhotloads Date - 14/07/2018 Rule that was broken - Ninjaloot Description - EoE 25 pug - loot rules MS>OS. Boomkin shoulders drop, I'm the only boomkin in the raid. Leader of the raid Sixhotloads gives the item to resto druid Senk. Evidence -
  2. Empathy

    [A] <Rebirth> - EU Competitive PvE Guild

    All info is located on out discord. The link is in the first post.
  3. Empathy

    [A] <Rebirth> - EU Competitive PvE Guild

    Sapphiron down! Going KT later this week. Stay tuned!
  4. Empathy

    [A] <Rebirth> - EU Competitive PvE Guild

    Still looking for a few exceptional applicants.
  5. <Rebirth> is a semi-hardcore, competitive guild formed at the very start of Angrathar. Our goal is to create a healthy raid environment which is capable of competing for Realm First achievements on Sunwell's newly opened server. Guild is currently closed for recruitment. Guild Community Rebirth is a group of very experienced WoW players, both in Retail and Private server (WotLK) environment. Our core members come from various top Alliance guilds on Warmane's Lordaeron server. We originate from Lordaaron's guild <Rebirth>, which was top Alliance guild during server's opening of Ulduar. Both leadership and membership are committed to create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere, free of any kind of discrimination, which is focused on competitive raiding while enjoying your favourite game. We are looking for like-minded people who are ready to become a part of this long-lasting community. Raiding schedule All 25-man raids will be held on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays at 7:00 PM CET (19:00 ST), while 10-man raids can and will be discussed internally between attending players to fit every raider's free time perfectly. This ensures that both Europe's and North America's players can find their spot in our raiding system. Requirements - Extensive knowledge of your class/spec/role - Fluent English - PC that can handle a normal 25-man environment + a stable Internet connection - Ability to attend a raid mentioned in Raiding schedule paragraph, with a will to invest extra time when progressing until we polish our coordination to perfection - Friendly, helpful and positive attitude with a capacity to get along with other members - Ability to accept constructive criticism when needed to improve our raiding experience - Ability to agree with and accept guild rules Contact Questions regarding recruitment or anything else can be answered by our ingame leadership: Boss, Drbiceps, Squatbooty, Empathy. For more information, you can reach us via posts below or at our Discord channel. Kind regards, <Rebirth>
  6. Empathy

    <NEET> Semi-Hardcore Guild [EU] [A]

    Decent and polite people in dungeon groups so far, looking forward to guild competition. Regards from <Rebirth>!
  7. Empathy

    Show off your UI!

    I believe you are talking about AddonOnSkins, which is downloadable on tukui site. There is a list of available addons which can get an "elvui skin", however that's for retail version. The wotlk version of AddonOnSkins probably has a lot less addons which can get elvui design. It covers all the major addons used by most ppl, but if you use some custom or addons unknown to a general public, then you are in bad luck.
  8. Empathy

    Angrathar: Boosted 3.0!

    Nice numbers, slightly bellow Warmane's, just about right if you ask me.
  9. Empathy

    Sunwell: Angrathar - Information Update 3

    Hello, got a question regarding the legion remaster version. I just found out about this server via dodgys video and decided to give it a go. Downloaded the legion remastered version and while models are updated, I noticed that the spells aren't. Are spells gonna be updated too, is that something that's still a work in progress or something third? Thanks in advance.
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