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    год не играл баги как были так их и не фиксят онлайн в реальности в 1.5 раза меньше чем пишется на сайте гильдий нет час кричал.... так что только с пугами
  2. sacar

    ninjaloot Adresthea

    Your name - HisanaReported player's name - AdrestheaDate - 2018-10-10Rule that was broken - NinjalootingDescription - emalon -pvp boots i win RL say don't suit me because im heal(in heal crit more meed mp5) and gave it to someone else in the chat was not visible Evidence -
  3. sacar

    report Lafaya

    Your name - siltenReported player's name - lafayaDate -30.09.2018Rule that was broken - wrong language Description - The player used the worng language in the chat Evidence
  4. sacar

    Report or no report Kle

    sorry if I originally created a topic in the wrong section I would not want to immediately write about the ninja can it just bug you have the opportunity to see the raid logs
  5. sacar

    bug? or ninjaloot?

    after kill arkavon drop https://www.wowhead.com/item=41086/deadly-gladiators-chain-armor in 1 hunt RL "give" me and item disappears, not in the chat it is not written that someone else got it not in the boss it is not
  6. sacar

    [A] "Synesthesia" (ICC25 10/12HC)

    Привет подскажите как зарегать акаунт для игры а не для форума
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