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  1. Randomdog

    bugged Arena's PvP

    Just delete legion models
  2. Your name - DogReported player's name - Staryoyo, Aob, AlcaDate - 07.07.2019Rule that was broken - arena wintradeDescription - As you can see on included screenshots, those guys are obviously wintrading arena matches. Playing at 3am, doing 0 damage, 0 healing. All those people are from the same guild, called The Avengers. The funny thing is that they bought t2 weapons last season, even got a titles, playing the same way ^^Evidence - attached ss
  3. Randomdog

    Arena Season 8 Rewards

    Team name: we are chinese Rating: 2201 Rewarded players: Staryoyo, Alca, Ablis Rival title – for one season. Never seen these guys once on arena 😁
  4. "Deadly Gladiator Season ends 21th May, 23:00 CET (Realm Time)." Which date is correct then?
  5. And what about stone keepers shards? Those will remain untouched?
  6. What's the exact date of the end of deadly season? Sunday, 1 week before uldu?
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