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    Best Professions for Fury Warrior

    I feel like the best Professions for pure stats would be Jewel Crafting and Blacksmithing, but I also feel JC/Engineering is also a good fit. Saronite bombs deal 1150-1500 damage on a 1 minute cooldown. You can also attach Hyperspeed accelerators to your gloves for a haste increase of 340 every minute which is another DPS boost. When you get into higher levels of gear, you may not have an empty cooldown to throw it in so for overall throughput. JC/BS is the better choice. The choice really comes down to if you want to min max to the point of using activatable items or allow for a more consistent change where you dont have to rely on activating anything and just getting a bigger stat dump.
  2. Fastway

    Show off your UI!

    With Group, Target, ToT, and Focus With Castbars, Raid Frames
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