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    Long time WoW player and private server veteran. I raided casually in Vanilla before becoming a hardcore player in TBC/WotLK. I raided in <Might>, previously a top 25 world guild with numerous top 10 US achievements. I started streaming on twitch about four years ago for fun and play an assortment of games, but primarily MMORPGs. I eventually found myself in a fantastic community of individuals who raid under the tag <Risen>. We recently departed from Kronos since few of us want to play K3 and are continuing our adventures on Angrathar before Classic WoW. If you have any questions about me feel free to ask! List of previous servers and characters: Vanilla Nostalrius PVE - 60 Shaman Nostalrius PVE - 60 Paladin Lightbringer - 60 Paladin Kronos - 60 Paladin <Risen> Kronos - 60 Hunter <Risen> Kronos - 60 Warrior <Risen> Kronos - 60 Druid <Risen> TBC Vengeance (Wildhammer) - 70 Paladin Hellfire II - 70 Paladin Warmane (Outland) - 70 Paladin WotLK WoW Circle - 80 Paladin Angrathar - Human Paladin <Risen>
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