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  1. bamoida

    [A25][EU] 1 Day Raiding Guild <bam oida>

    Tank ( Feral / Paladin) Shadow Boomkin Holy Paladin Warlock Elemental Shaman Feral Rogue
  2. bamoida

    [A25][EU] 1 Day Raiding Guild <bam oida>

    Opened up more classes and specs for recruitment ! Now looking for : Resto Druid Shadow Boomkin Holy Priest / Disc Priest Warlock Enhancement Shaman Mage Rogue
  3. bamoida

    [A25][EU] 1 Day Raiding Guild <bam oida>

    First Ulduar25 ID Full clear! Still looking for 1 Resto- Druid! All exeptional players are always welcome to apply!
  4. bamoida

    [A25][EU] 1 Day Raiding Guild <bam oida>

    In need of 1 Resto- Druid 1 Disc - Priest exeptional players of all other classes feel free to apply aswell!
  5. 1 Day Raiding Guild <bam oida> is looking for exceptional players to fill the roster for Ulduar and upcoming Content 25m. Who we are : <bam oida> is a guild formed by a bunch of friends and we recently merged with <HELLO> to form a 25M Raiding guild. We all are ex semi-hardcore to ultra hardcore Raiders who played in Top Guilds on Retail as well as other Private Server Projects. The fact that we can’t afford to Raid more than 1 Day a Week doesn’t change our will and passion to clear current Content within this limited time. Besides our 25m we also have two 10m Groups running who clear content under the week. Raiding Time : (based on Server Time) Sunday 6pm - 10.30pm What we can offer you as a player: -Highly skilled Raid with motivated competitive players -A compact raid roster, we are not recruiting to bench people -A structured experience Guild leadership -A fair and Raid orientated Loot distribution via Loot-council -A community that is very active outside of Raiding Times spending time together Ingame and on Discord -Average age of 25+ years. What we are looking for in u as a player: -You love Raiding and want to progress in a friendly competitive Raid environment while still having a lot of fun doing so! You are an independent and communicative player ( that means you actively prepare yourself for all encounters, know about their mechanics and ask when u don’t.) - You have Raiding experience and skills and are always willing to min/max your DPS / HPS. Despite the casual schedule we are not a guild looking for beginners. - Your are a Team player and always Put the Guilds interests infront of ur own. - Near 100% Raid attendance is expected. - Our Guild Language is English and therefore u should be able to speak and understand it to ensure clear communication. - Your internet connection ist stable. -For communication we use Discord and you need to be able to speak and listen. Recruited Classes / Players Even if your Class is not listed below and you think you will fit into our Raid / Guild feel free to apply. We go by the principle bring the player not the Class. Tank ( Feral / Paladin) Shadow Boomkin Holy Paladin Warlock Elemental Shaman Feral Rogue Contact : Feel free to Contact us Ingame via Chat or Mail. Contacts : Officers: Basespriest, Basespally, Skurkeslam, Sakuragi, Pedrolinyo, U can always poke online Members as well incase no Officer is currently Online! Discord : https://discord.gg/pJ4KZuk or Discord PM : Sakuragi#7335 , Base#0838 , Skurken#6026
  6. Hello Alliance, we want to start a serious weekly Naxx25 Gold-DKP Pug Raid. The run will be held each Friday. Invites starting at 18:00 Server Time and filling till 19:00. Pre-signed people have prio but have to join the raidgroup the latest at 18:30, after that slots are FFA and not reserved anymore. The Raid time lasts up to 23:00. The Raid will be led by Pjedrolino/Pedrolinyo <bam oida>. We aim to raid each week and plan to clear after the first IDs (if things are going well we will switch to Ulduar at a later point). Requirements to join the Pug: Discord - it will be our main communication platform. Be able to understand and communicate in English (you do not have to talk, but listen and write atleast) Be decent geared, 3700 GS+ with proper enchants and gems. Frost Resistance gear, all 3 pieces (chest, belt, boots)! Have 4 flasks and use them, bufffood will get provided by the organizers. Knowledge of all Boss Encounters. For all further information and how to sign up check out our discord: https://discord.gg/AVqpFMt
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