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  1. Chrixie

    Weekly quest reset 2 times in 1 week.

    I have checked weekly quest and there are none active, I have done the naxxramas and cannot pickup the Ulduar one.
  2. So this week on wednesday we were given out Naxxramas quest to kill Anub, first boss in Arachnid quarter as a weekly quest. The day after, on thursday we were given out FL quest, first boss in ulduar. Players that didn't do the weekly quest on wednesday to kill Anub can now only do 1 of the quests because you can only do 1 weekly quest per week, because it's a weekly. So here is what made this very bad, there was a mistake in the development side where the quest reset on wednesday and thursday. If you did the quest on wednesday you can also do the one on thursday, which means instead of getting 5 EoF = Emblems of Frost and 5 EoT = Emblems of Triumph you could have 10 from this week if you did both. So if you didn't do it on wednesday you can either do FL or Anub quest, not both which ends up being on 5 emblems. Quite a few players might not have been able to do the quest on wednesday, whatever the reason now they're put behind because of a development mistake. Now what could Sunwell do about this? You can make it so both quests are active this week. If you've done FL quest you can also do the Naxx one. You can't do them again if you've done it but just make it so you can turn in both quests for this week and it should be sorted. This might be a lot more work but you can also give out the emblems lost to all the players that didn't do the Naxx quest on wednesday. Because if you did it on wednesday you can do FL so you'll get 10. That's why you can't give it to only players that did FL quest, because some might have done Naxx quest on thursday instead and they'll end up not being able to do FL one. You could also give all player 5 emblems, but this defeats the idea of actually fixing the issue with people not being able to have the chance for the same amount of emblems because then if you did both quests you'd haev 15 emblems now and if you did not you'd have 10. You might think that taking away emblems is the way to go. If you remove the emblems from the players that did the quest on wednesday that'd be a lot of extra work and if someone bought an item that'd have to be removed and give back emblems, I think you can see that this would take a lot of time to do it this way and something would probably go wrong. One of the arguments that could work against this aswell could be that because they've done the daily because it's in the game they're now hurt aswell because if they get the emblems removed they still have a lock to the raid which they might have wanted to do this week but they save an ID with other players so someone will be losing a run in that raid because of that. If there are any other way to fix this issue, post a comment with your suggestion so we can get this corrected.
  3. Chrixie

    [Report] Westcoast

    Your name - ChrixieReported player's name - WestcoastDate - 6th of decemberRule that was broken - Harrasment / inappropriate behaviourDescription - I was farming herbs around "The Storm Peaks" and got this whisper about him wanting to buy. I let him know that I need them and he goes on to behave in this manner.Evidence -
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