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  1. Grimbolde

    Release date problem

    I believe this is just you speaking for yourself. Why wouldn't you be able to play both as they are two completely different games.
  2. Thanks to all that came out to Bruuk's Corner in the Military Ward of Ironforge today! We had a great time with fellowship and virtual booze! I know a lot of you aren't into the whole RP aspect of WoW but I encourage you to at least come by and check us out, and maybe make a few new friends!!! Questing and grinding gets tiresome, that's why I have started this little corner of the realm to come by, put your feet up and enjoy a tale and a brew with some Allied fighters. Events will be hosted weekly, as well as prize and gold raffles!!! Add me as a friend (Grimbolde) and whisper me with any questions or ideas!! Look forward to seeing you all at Bruuk's Corner!! psa: Except you Horde scum.
  3. Grimbolde

    Show off your UI!

    What UI is this??
  4. Grimbolde

    3.3.5 talents?

    Talents are up to date and working as intended from everything I saw on the PTR, it's just the talent tree on the website that is behind like Talimar pointed out.
  5. Grimbolde

    Sunwell: Angrathar - Information Update 4

    I'm not quite sure what you are asking but I will answer what I can: This server releases Saturday on the 27th of January. The time of release is said to be 12pm EST///6pm GMT+1 The server will be 2x Experience rates up to level 70, and then it will be regular experience gain as it was in retail from 70-80 XP boosts (there are several ways) are not available until all realm first are achieved (first level 80 from each race and class, and all professions are maxed out) So far this server looks top notch. Scripting/questing/combat is all very very polished. Anything else you want to know, just send me a tell so we aren't bothering the busy devs/admin
  6. Grimbolde

    General question of boosts for launch

    Heirlooms and all boosts, etc. will be available after all realm firsts as in: -One from each race has reached level 80 -One from each class has reached level 80 -One from each profession is maxed (edited)
  7. Grimbolde

    Best Professions for Fury Warrior

    Mine is solely based on income potential at end game.
  8. Grimbolde

    Best Professions for Fury Warrior

    As an Arms warrior (leveling prot) I will be doing mining and herbalism, then switching over to jewelcrafting and enchanting when I reach max.
  9. Grimbolde

    Releasing of PvE and PvP seasons

    Aww man no Thunderfury spam
  10. Grimbolde

    [NA] <Infinity> Semi-Hardcore 25m 2-night Weekday Raiding

    Good group of guys so far. "One of us... One of us...."
  11. Grimbolde

    Show off your UI!

    I figured. Thank you!
  12. Grimbolde

    Show off your UI!

    @Sunite do you mind telling me what addon that is for the action bar? I really like everything to be in the middle.
  13. Grimbolde

    Many questions.

    So the reason some of you don't want to play on the server now is because they are cracking down on cheating...smh The door is over there.
  14. Grimbolde

    Many questions.

    Interesting that you are already blasting the server, when you don't even know if the change will be better or not. I encourage you to at least go by the old adage "Don't knock it, 'till you try it." Same goes for a lot of things in this world and why so many of the private server scene is toxic beyond belief. Angrathar is by far and away the best I have seen about taking their "customer" desires ahead of other servers. I am really liking pretty much everything I am seeing so far.
  15. Grimbolde

    Guild RPvX

    I'm NA, Central Standard Time. I will playing a Dwarf Warrior! I don't mind EU times for raiding though or whatnot on some days.
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