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    Icecrown Citadel 25HC Boost

    @up it's all titans up there, dont even bother reading their posts, they are irrelevant as their race for realm first... u can't even place them withing 3 top guilds, yet they cry loudest. #TooEzYetLast
  2. Stanlejowaty


    Your name: FrostknightReported player's name: MrCuléDate: 13.05.2018Rule that was broken: Description: MrCulé gave me mute for 7 days, its inconsistent with rules. He said "Polish players often break this rule and we have zero tolerance policy toward the ex-Feronis players. ". Show me now, where can i find it. You have to update rules.Evidence: https://sunwell.pl/page/rules
  3. Stanlejowaty

    Frostknight (Banned by MrCulé)

    Character Name: Frostknight Punishment Reason:using another language than english on global chat Game Master: MrCulé Summary: I told only one sentence. I don't remember another situation when i broke the rules, so should i get mute for 30 minutes EDIT: Its time to update rules. You have to add "Polish players will always get mute for 7 days"
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