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  1. [H](NA) <Plan B> - Join Our Competitive Progression Experience If you're looking to help form the foundation of a serious upcoming raiding guild, Plan B might be the best option for you. Who are we? We're a small group of players led by retail server first heroic ICC 25 raiders who recently came together on a retail server to participate in a max level 80 experience. While we had a great time building up our community, the level 80 content was broken on retail servers. This issue, coupled with a desire for competitive WOTLK progression, has led us to migrate to the Angrathar server here on Sunwell. What is our goal? Plan B seeks to become a leading endgame raiding guild on Angrathar. Our tight-knit leadership already has thorough experience working together and is prepared to bring that to Angrathar. While we focus on serious raiding progression, we're also dedicated to forming a fun and team-driven community on the server. How is loot handled? We use an EPGP system for loot distribution. We feel that this system fairly rewards players based on their effort put into the guild and successfully counters any favoritism that could occur. What type of applicants are we looking for? All roles and classes of all gear levels are currently open for our core raid team. We're especially interested in players who enjoy working together both in and outside of raids (our crafters will thank you). Even if you cannot make every raid night per week, feel free to apply. Raid Times: Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday (9:30pm EST - subject to change) Where do I sign up? Contact one of our officers: Brosef, DrDoe, or Guacamoleboy, in game for more information. We're also in the early stages of setting up our website at https://planbangrathar.shivtr.com/ and will frequently review applications there, once completed. We look forward to seeing all of you in game!
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