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  1. Cryptex

    Convert Server to PVE

  2. Cryptex


    Please state your expected outcome.
  3. Cryptex

    Is Sunwell making a TBC database?

    Can't you just use the WotLK one? It contains the TBC items + Northrend ones.
  4. Cryptex

    Wow sometimes crashes in dalaran.

    Well here we also have the same issue with the bigger monitor with higher resolution (more pixels), especially since you are using the Legion graphics. VRAM is very hard to track unlike the regular RAM. I'm not saying this is surely the cause of the errors but since the report says "Requested XXXXXX bytes of MEMORY" and since everything else seems completely fine, I don't see what else it could be.
  5. Cryptex

    Wow sometimes crashes in dalaran.

    I guess it isn't. How much GB (VRAM) does your GPU have?
  6. Cryptex

    Wow sometimes crashes in dalaran.

    There you go. You can just open your Task Manager and under Processes check the memory usage. Experiment, go to Dalaran to see what happens. I'm checking mine right now and I can tell you that my Chrome is taking twice as much memory as my WoW.
  7. Cryptex

    Wow sometimes crashes in dalaran.

    Looking at the screenshot you provided, I can tell you are using a pretty big monitor. What size was the monitor of the laptop you were using? Half of that?
  8. Cryptex

    Wow sometimes crashes in dalaran.

    According to this message, it seems that you don't have enough RAM. Getting into crowded zones (like Dalaran) clogs your TROLLPUTER's memory. Closing Google Chrome (especially if it has many tabs opened) and/or reducing the game video quality (if it's not already at minimum) should fix it.
  9. Cryptex

    Recording gameplay

    FRAPS 😋
  10. Cryptex

    Twinks in TBC?

    Twinks did exist mainly in the 10-19 and 20-29 brackets. I remember shamans/druids using the [Embrace of the Viper] set, hunters and ambush rogues were mostly played in the 10-19 bracket. [Green Tinted Goggles] were also a must. It's true that due to the absence of the BG finder the people that are leveling wouldn't really care about BGs which would make them less popular and will lead to mostly twinks vs. twinks fights, as only twinks will wait in the main cities waiting for the queues to pop, rather than leveling.
  11. Cryptex

    Drastic FPS drop

    So you have a second monitor attached to your laptop? That might be the main issue, especially if you are playing WoW on your bigger monitor. According to the specs you wrote, you have 2GB Virtual RAM which normally should be enough to run Legion alone. However, laptops are usually made with components compatible with themselves. Therefore, the GPU you have is good for the laptop monitor, and using an extra one (especially bigger) would greatly decrease the performance. A thing that can help is turning off all other programs running in the background while playing WoW as some of them might eat your RAM, especially other games or Google Chrome. The only way to get more Virtual RAM is to get a new GPU as they go together, usually by the name of the GPU you can tell what VRAM they come with (e.g. "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB" means it has 6GB VRAM). You can try getting more regular RAM which can also help, but I'm not sure if your laptop even has more sockets for it, as not all laptops do. Additionally, the DDR3 you are using is way way slower than DDR4 or DDR5 so that also is an update option. Lastly, I just wanna add that if you do go for an update you should consult a professional.
  12. Cryptex

    Drastic FPS drop

    Might just be your PC and not having enough virtual RAM. After all, Legion textures are heavier.
  13. Cryptex

    I cant reset instances

    Try changing the dungeon difficulty to Heroic and then back to Normal.
  14. Cryptex

    What pvp set for shadow priest?

    So a S8 SP with full Satin set, critical offparts, critical weapon and a critical trinket would have around 28% strike critical rating. The average S8 PvP player would have enough resilience to reduce the chance that they recieve a critical strike by approximitely 13%. Just by dividing we can see that you will have around 15% realistic chance to deal a critical strike. Critical talents are not even worth taking as you would sacrafice other more useful ones. So, is 15% critical chance really worth losing the majority of your mana regen and haste rating? Yes, you will need the mana regen even if you have S8 gear. The Shadow Priest is not an Affliction Warlock. You are forced to healbot your partner very often. You have to dispel yourself, your partner and the enemies constantly. You have to pretty much shield yourself and your partner everytime possible. Critical would be a wasted stat by doing those (maybe except healing as heals can crit) while haste and mana regen would help greatly. Even as a "DPS" you would still be kind of a support class. You would be forced to stay outside of Shadowform very often aswell which would mean your dots wouldn't even be eligible to deal a critical strike. Even when playing double DPS arenas can be pretty long. A good SP/Mage can survive vs DPS/Heal (especially if the Heal can't dispell - aka Shaman/Druid) team for eternity just by controling the DPS and kiting, for which you will need mana regen. Certain SP comps have to reset the fight a couple of times in order to kill a target (e.g. you burst Holy Paladin -> he trinkets so you have to reset, you burst him again -> he bubbles so you have to reset again, you burst a third time -> he has nothing and he dies), going all in wouldn't bring you a great success. Nonetheless, if you want to deal more damage as SP, why gear up with critical strike from which half is gonna get negated by resilience and has no other use other than critting, when you can gear up with haste that is not only gonna make your global CD shorter (for all abilities, not only the offensive ones), your dots ticking faster, casting abilities faster (which again makes you deal more damag as crit would) and on top of that it has nothing to get countered with as critical does? Fighting a DK is tricky. Bursting a DK as SP is not possible in general, I don't think that 15% extra critical strike chance is gonna help you. DKs will use all of their defensive cooldowns one after another which you pretty much have to sustain trough (you need mana to do it) and then kill them. Doesn't matter how much critical strike chance you got if he has an Anti-Magic Shell on. Critical SP can work in duels against people with less resilience as duels truly don't last for long (unlike arenas), but it's again pretty RNG based as you might not get a single critical the whole duel so all the critical you have would be wasted, while if you had haste it would help you atleast slightly. As for trinkets as a human, DFO and CTS can be used together in certain comps, for 5v5 or for duels but in other situations DFO + Solace or CTS + Solace would be better. I also like using [Bauble of True Blood] alot as it has saved me from sticky situations plenty of times.
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