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  1. Your name - Zadoba eported player's name - Fibonacci Date - 19.03.2019 Rule that was broken - Toxic + Using not ENG language on instance Description - https://imgur.com/a/MKktkRf Hello. The player Fibonacci has committed to breaking the rules. He did it in a way that insulted me by calling me a dog. Please, punish the player in advance thank you and best regards
  2. Petriam321


    Hello my complaint concerns the theft of the object from the instance. The person who is on Heal needed an item for the tank. After winning this item she left the party. When I wrote to him that he would give me this subject, she added that I should ignore what indicated indifference and disrespect. Please punish the player with the pseudonym Vestas, who committed this act. Thank you. And here I have a picture https://imgur.com/a/PpzhyCA
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