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  1. Zesu

    Ban Appeal

    Character Name: Zesu I'm not saying i didnt use any bot, because i would lie.I would like to apologize for what i did and ask if there is a chance to maybe cut the ban to two weeks.
  2. Hi, WTB Leather gloves (Required level 10-19) +4 Agility +4 Stamina Scouting Gloves of the Monkey Rigid Gloves of the Monkey Contact Mail or Whisper "Zesu"
  3. Hi, Mats to rare gems for 10k honor will be added ? I'm twink 79 with 75k honor since 2 weeks and this will help me a lot .
  4. Hi, i want to ask when will be add transmogrification like on first realm Feronis ? On server website is page https://sunwell.pl/page/transmog .
  5. Zesu

    Twinking at lvl 70

    We have to check it because i'm not sure
  6. Zesu

    Twink 70-79

    Hello, if u are interested in twinks 70-79 you should check our guild topic HERE we are in Alliance but i hope so that in horde will be created on more !
  7. Valar Morghulis Valar Morghulis is a twink guild playing on 70-79 lvl. We were playing on old Sunwell as "Unknown Twink" and now It's time to come back. We are interested in PvP and PvE mostly TBC content but also Classic. Our guild offers: *weekly raids; *help in getting BIS gear; *premade BG; *2v2 in guild; *some events; Here is our an application form Discord link : https://discord.gg/YEqW6Gc More informations soon or on discord .
  8. Zesu

    Twinking at lvl 70

    Me and my friends will create guild for twinks 70-79 pve/pvp
  9. Zesu

    Utgarde Pinnacle - Twinks 79

    ok, thanks you for explain, now I'm sure about comeback to WoW
  10. Zesu

    Utgarde Pinnacle - Twinks 79

    Soo, If i were twink 79 i could enter to this instances ? Dungeon Finder is possible or only basic enterance ?
  11. Zesu

    Utgarde Pinnacle - Twinks 79

  12. Hello, i want to ask about instance level requirement like UP,HoL,CoS because i found this(Screen) on main website. Cause of that twinks from bracket 70-79 cant earn BIS weapons/items. This level requirement is permanently set to 80 or will be decresed later ?
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