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  1. Had a guy, scoper, snipe neutral auctions while trying to transfer what little I had from Alliance to Horde to reroll. When asked politely to return the item he declined. Told him I'd be submitting a report to GMs told me good luck and said there's nothing they will do cause he's not scamming. There probably isn't, but it would be nice to know that awful behavior like this isn't tolerated on this realm. It was a netherweave bag, not a big deal for some but for a new player with no gold it's a lot. On the other realms I've played on (LH and Nost) it wouldn't have been allowed either. http://prntscr.com/m69ho1 http://prntscr.com/m69hup
  2. Runesinne

    Working Grid and Prat?

    Downloaded these from the website, but they don't work on my UI. I have all my other addons working. These are enabled, but there's nothing else showing up.
  3. Runesinne

    Having Several Issues

    I do all those things Plus, the addons were downloaded right from sunwell.pl They work if I go on Warmane's server. It's really odd.
  4. Runesinne

    Having Several Issues

    Hello All, Just started here having several issues and could use some help 1. Tutorials won't go away. I have the circle with the ? constantly 2. I downloaded addons right from Sunwell such as grid and prat, they don't seem to do anything. Prats menu is empty, and grid won't show up. 3. Every time I exit the game my preferences in the options menus seem to reset Any help at all would be great <3 Thank you, Runesinne
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