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  1. hijako

    New player in TBC

    ugh... more polish..
  2. hijako

    Alterac Valley Marks

    But for the past few years, most of the popular tbc servers had very active pvp WITH AV, even ~1k pop. ones: like, Feenix Archangel, the old Hellground, Ex-calibour wow, hell, even Warmane, that for sure does not have a higher pop. I guess the server just needs a bit more time for casual people to lvl up & catch-up
  3. hijako

    Alterac Valley Marks

    Hey, I'm interested to start playing here (mostly for the pvp) - are you saying there's no regular AVs? That's a bit of a bummer... Ya can't get most of the cool 2h weapons without AV... not to mention the gear
  4. hijako

    gold transfer ALLIANCE->HORDE

    Just make a second acc & create an orc or troll rogue, go from the starting durotar zone to Ratchet (its easy go jump in the water from the shaman totem questing area), go to Booty bay (in stealth) & put something like ur shirt for sale for 400g. Then, log on your ally acc & buy out the shirt - after 60 min & 15% AH gold cut, you'll have ~315 - 320 g on your rogue, which you can send to your new horde champ. Cheers
  5. hijako

    Most desired class - pve wise.

    no no, I think definitely fury warriors are one of the most desired classes & manage to be in the top 3 dps pareto (mainly due to the near-by thrash on some encounters) Still, that does not mean they are the best dps-eres, a lot of other classes can get close (or even beat them at bosses without trash mobs) Warlocks - definitely have the opportunity to beat mages, Spriests too, Hunters (and not only armor pen MM, BM & survival with the explosion trap glyph), balance dudus / ele shammys are great as well (I'm not saying ya cant do stable dps with enhancement too, but its just too hard & not for everyone)... Frost DKs (especially the geared ones with 90%+ armor pen), even blood dps DKs. Main point is, play whichever you like the most - you don't have to be in the top 3 dps constantly to be useful & have fun at the same time
  6. hijako


    You need to reach lvl 60, as you'll need the last talent (@ 50 talent points unlocked), that lets you tame exotic pets (Devilsaur is one of the exotic ones). I'm not sure how much BM more viable it is, but lvling as marksman / survival is pretty easy in Wotlk too, if you're doing it just for the leveling
  7. hijako

    Fresh 70 Frost Mage pvp

    Yep, haste is prio over crit, since the frost mage has 50% crit on frozen targets
  8. hijako

    I need to rant

    you can be a great tank without any trinkets with starter dungeon gear. Also, the one from emblems of heroism is plenty
  9. hijako

    Survival Hunter pre raid bis

    I don't think the idea is to out-dps the bm hunter, but to be a support for heavy mele hitters - if you got some uber-war & rogues, it might do a lot better to roll as surv & not BM, in other to increase the overall group dps, rather than your own personal
  10. hijako

    Survival Hunter pre raid bis

    this also works on tanks & gives extra dodge, correct?
  11. hijako

    Faction balance

    10% ally vs 90% horde ratio - they voted BOYCOTT!
  12. hijako

    Dont read this troubling news.

    I'm guessing you'll be one of the first people to leave BGs in the first 2-3 mins, quoting "my team sucks / alliance can't pvp"
  13. hijako

    Group Loot for RDF

    I agree, for example, hunter/shamans should be able to roll on leather items, pallas for mail - I mean, its just started gear, not essential or BiS
  14. hijako

    Black Market - Description!

    Does this mean that the bought by me, for example, character is re-created into my account? I mean, I do not get the other person's account with his character?
  15. hijako

    Class graph

    will try it out - thanks for the neat idea!
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