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  1. Looking for raiding guild to progress with that raids after midnight EST I am a 4.1K Resto druid. Message me in game or on here, name is Metan
  2. Looking for raiding guild to progress with that raids after 9PM EST I am a 3.8k Resto druid. Message me in game or on here, name is Metan
  3. Hey guys, I've been struggling to find a guild that really fits my times as it seems most guilds here raid at the exact same times, on almost the same days. I live in US Central Time. I'm looking for a guild that could use a resto druid, that would be raiding around 9pm est time, on any days other than friday or saturday. I have a guild created on an alt already, so if anyone is interested in running a guild with me and can raid those times, reply on here or whisper Metan in game. Thanks all!
  4. Metan

    character stuck in weird way.

    So i left a dungeon group while i was dead spawned into ah;knet and my guy was just kinda floating there so i logged out, and now I'm stuck cant even load into the game, i cant find the option to use character unstuck. Thanks. EDIT: IT FIXED ITSELF
  5. Metan

    Shout out to staff!

    Just wanted to take the time to say thanks, I'ts been a loooong time since I've had fun playing WoW. I mean, a looooong time Thanks staff for handling my tickets professionally and even fixing my problems for me! Keep up the great work!
  6. Hey there! Thanks for replying! I'll be rolling horde, as I love the horde and have always played horde
  7. Hey guys, I've been waiting forever for a fresh WOTLK server so im super hyped up for Saturday! A little about me, I played TBC - Cata on retail, and Wrath was by far my favorite expac from the raids to the times I had on the game 10 years ago I hold it pretty close to my heart. I ran a raiding guild on the US Server Medivh called <Legendary>, we were 2nd on server to down LK and were very successful hosting 3 raid groups a week. I played and will be playing a Resto Druid again, I was also considered a top 5 resto druid for my faction on server. My Goal with this post, I'm looking to find some friends to play on this server with so I'm not a loan wolf, I'd love to find a group to spam dungeons/quest with and just in general hangout with on the game. I'm also looking to recreate the guild I ran years ago to create some new fun memories with raid progression, for this I'd like to get to know some players and ultimately have officers helping me the whole time. I'm a very laid back guy but I wouldnt mind getting back into the hardcore raid scene. My Time Frame, Due to the launch being at 11AM Saturday for me. (Very sad about this) I Cannot due the full 24 hour grind i wanted to launch night. I live in central time and can play all day/night Thursday/Fri/Sat and about 3-6 hours a night sun-weds. If anyone is interested, send me a pm! I look forward to playing with everyone
  8. Metan

    Timezone and launch question.

    That makes me incredibly sad I was hoping it was friday for me as I do not work on saturdays so i could geek for a straight 24 hours.
  9. Hello all, I'm pretty pumped to try out this server im curious as to when it will launch for me I live in the US and in the Central Time zone, does this mean saturday or friday for launch for me?
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