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    LF map addon

    I assume this could be considered a "map addon" but anyways. I want to be able to "shift + right click" a specific location on map and from that, I can just exit the map and I am provided with a directional arrow guilding me to the location I chose. I hope this makes sense and any info regarding this request would and will be greatly appreciated.
  2. braxton

    Silence Wintergrasp Message

    Thanks for the info.
  3. braxton

    Silence Wintergrasp Message

    I have already done this, but I still see Wintergrasp message.
  4. braxton

    Silence Wintergrasp Message

    Is there a way to silence to Wintergrasp message that I see as red text?
  5. braxton

    Alicethetic banned by IDK

    This is revisiting this thread thread link So I have not received any email regarding being able to access this account again. I would really like to play here again. What can I do to help?
  6. braxton

    Alicethetic banned by IDK

    Character Name: Alicethetic Punishment Reason: I am unsure as I received no message nor email regarding this. Game Master: Again I am unsure who placed the ban. Summary: The account itself is banned. "Alicethetic" is the character, but "Alicethetic" is also the account. The fact that I wasn't provided any info or even an email has me kind of upset and quite lost as to what even happened to begin with.
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