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  1. Doremi

    [Report] Thexiled

    Just /ignore him, please. Muted. Greetings.
  2. Doremi

    [Report] Noobxa

  3. Doremi

    [REPORT] Paks

    Just /ignore him.
  4. Doremi

    [REPORT] Perskele

    Just /ignore him.
  5. Doremi

    [report] Dzidziek

    How to report a player.
  6. Doremi

    Report for Ninja Kromosmo

    Hello. Needing an item on 5-Man dungeons is not considered ninjalooting, thus it won't result in expending the ninja list. Rejected.
  7. Doremi

    [Heizenberg] (Banned by Crafty)

  8. Doremi

    Pretor banned by Server

  9. Doremi

    Zabix - banned from global channel

    Ban is for 7 days.
  10. Doremi

    Zabix - banned from global channel

  11. Doremi

    spam guild invitations from player Hayter

  12. Doremi

    80. Giermann. Magiczni Wojownicy

    Just /ignore him.
  13. Doremi

    [Offline ML] - Puunish

    https://sunwell.pl/page/rules I think the player's disconnection was unintentional. Player has not broken our rules. Rejected.
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