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  1. Slammin

    Discord Ban Appeal

    User: Slammin#8555 I'm sorry for being a nuisance and taking part in the unwarranted spam and shitstorm that happened a few days ago after the Frosthold Q&A. I was just taking part in the stupidity because I'm an idiot, and would like to get unbanned from the Discord so I can continue to be informed about Frosthold. Finally realized that the "shitstorm" actually was unjustified and over things that are optional and don't even impact my experience if I choose not to partake in them, and that me helping to make it worse didn't do anything but annoy y'all. Thanks lads, signed, Slammy boi.
  2. Private server hardcore raiders: "THESE AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH BUFFS THE BOSSES AREN'T HARD ENOUGH!!!" Also private server hardcore raiders: "What do you mean I could have made a forum post BEFORE ICC release discussing the possible buffs and changes to truly increase their difficulty...??" It's not their fault that the minority didn't speak up about their suggestions for changes to the content, so stop being so angry about it and learn that next time, you should actually come up with great ideas and help the staff to create a better experience rather than being angry with them for not listening to a voice that said nothing.
  3. Slammin

    Icecrown Citadel 25HC Boost

    To the people complaining that they're disappointed in how "easily" ICC heroic bosses are being killed: What do you want them to do? Add 5 new mechanics to each fight and triple boss HP? I think the boosts are fine as is. I'd personally love the addition of new and fitting mechanics so every raid member has to be focused and performing up to par. The problem is ICC bosses and their rooms don't really have a lot to work with in terms of new and unique mechanics, and the simple stuff like "new non-blizzlike debuff goes out every x seconds that deals massive raid damage if it isn't dealt with" wouldn't actually make it much harder, as seen by how fast many non-hardcore guilds had TOGC25's first four bosses on farm. Any new mechanic that just boils down to debuff management isn't going to make HC hard enough to please the hardcore raiders honestly. Adding new mechanics is about the only way you can truly make these fights "much harder" without making them overtuned and frustrating by over-buffing their existing mechanics, at least in my opinion, and I don't think anyone wants heroic ICC bosses to have so much health and damage that guilds have to boringly farm normal mode for months just to get geared enough to have a realistic shot at downing HC bosses.
  4. Not really sure if there's a better place to post about this. The DK subforum cannot be posted in, I assume this is because when Sunwell created the sub-subforums within the class subforums for Wotlk and BC, that they locked the original subforums so you have to post in one or the other. Would much appreciate this being fixed at some point in the future. Thanks!
  5. Slammin

    [Report] Skinning Bots

    Your name - Valitas (Character I was on) or SlamBerg.Reported player's name - Killiing & KiillingDate - 4/30/2018Rule that was broken - Botting of some kindDescription - These two level 20 orc hunters, wearing identical gear, with identical pets, and identical characters (just with slight skin color difference) were farming mobs in The Barrens to level skinning. One was on follow while the other did the killing and the skinning. Their movements were extremely linear and bot-like, attacking any skinnable mob they see, immediately going to 0yrds, and skinning them before immediately turning and going towards the next one. When I attacked something they were going towards before they could, they still attacked it and skinned it without any hesitation or reactions.Evidence - https://i.imgur.com/DtWA7Vj.jpg and https://i.imgur.com/eSjK1nw.jpg - I didn't get any video though.
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