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  1. Tomcat

    Save the Sunwell

    If i would play Classic i will go to Classic private server - not Wotlk or TBC. If Bllizard somday will open (never ending TBC, or never ending Wotlk) server i will think about going back to retail. For now... syrsly a LOT of ppl dont give a sh*t about Classic WoW,.. coz Classic SUX!
  2. Tomcat

    There Were 6 People Online Today.

    thats funny, check it out. Topick was started when server (online) population was 6 ppl in total. but on this forum have more then 300 views. Whats that mean? - ppl are still "in to" Sunwell Nightbane.
  3. Tomcat

    save sunwell

    im just sein its not about exp rate, its about: how the server works in first place (no bugs ect.), how GM responds to players, how long players have to w8t for GM action in game/forum/discord, what is server advertissement strategy (social media, adds ect.), and many other things. all of this have great impact on server reputation/hype. BTW. About NW - there is a bit diferent politics. I assume... hmm... players there realy don't push AFAP to max lvl like most TBC players do (including myself) -> "coz only on max lvl game counts". I spoke with my friend who is playing there, he told me "lvling on NW is also fun, and part of the game, his already playing there for 2 months and have only 20 lvl character, he realy do not rush" - i know... wird right? Back to the main subject - im just seyin bigger exp rate in Sunwell wont fix this, even if you will make instant 70.
  4. Tomcat

    save sunwell

    well... data for GMT+1 like you see its going down. Tianyacn Im afraid you can do nothing about it. BTW. you are seyin "most TBC players are like 30+ YO atm" - true, and they "dont have time to 1x blizzlike exp rate" well... so why Netherwing have like 4K+ players now? compering to Nightbane's (only) 150?
  5. Tomcat

    Population - rapidly going down.

    still no any ideas who to make saver "alive" again? 1 basic truth: do NOT ever rely ONLY on your players. Even if you had perfect reputation (which you haven't) you should still spam socialmedia, adds ect. (oh... and if you will ask... Blizzard can do shit about it).
  6. Tomcat

    Server is almost dead

    the most frustrating thing on this subject is: NO ANSWER FROM THE CREW! we have like 2 topick at this point. Started more then a week ago... and in non of them we had any kind of respond. WTF... but for real... WTF?! you guys act like you dont care. - oh... well... so be it. @all-players: "see ya in NW guys?"
  7. Tomcat

    Population - rapidly going down.

    Ex-(fu**ing)-actly! Personaly i have no team to play with atm too... im w8ting till SWP comes. I wish there was just good (maybe fresh?) never ending 2.4.3 with full content open from day 1 TBC server -> fu*k the progressive sh*t.
  8. Tomcat

    Population - rapidly going down.

    Well i remeber we started with 8K ppl, (yes we knew it will drop atleast to half) but... i see now only 403 ppl online. BTW, rush (raid) hours dosent count - you say 2K online - ye... ppl who just log in to raid and go off after -> so no BGs, no AH collecters, no world pvp, no dungeons, nothing. To be TBC server playable you need to have around 2K-2,5K ppl online in average - in day.
  9. Tomcat

    Population - rapidly going down.

    Jast for a short offtop: Well... dont know about PvP, never care much about pvp tbh but... you Shade of Aran example - its how it shoud work. You just banish, fear and tank some of them. Its survival phase where you need some CC. Thats all. Elementals will vanish when boss is nearly dead. If i remeber good the adds are present only between 30% and 10% Boss HP - or somthin like that.
  10. Tomcat

    Change rase

    they wont respond you... your wasting your time. Its pass like a month already and still no (any kind of) answers.
  11. So... its a fact, dear Sunwell Crew - any ideas how to stop it? Coz... you know...
  12. Tomcat

    please read

    they are ppl who dont give a f*** about clasic WoW (only TBC matter). server will back to live while T6/SWP comes like all prives in TBC expansion. The problem is that we have to survive till that happend. ATM There is no carrot for now if you are newbe. no BOJ from HC, no BOJ from Kara, no daily Q, ppl are riding only with guilds. TBH a lot of ppl don't care about "progresion" and do not attempt in PvP till S4 comes. They just wanna full real 2.4.3 never ending TBC.
  13. Tomcat

    server need help

    1. a lot of ppl do not care about pvp till sezon 4. I was in only 1 AB in total so far. I will start PvP when S4 will be here. Besides even if some ppl do care its still expensiv - talent change, well atm dont have gold for this... 2. a lot of ppl ride / dung only with guild. Basicly i know tons of ppl who avoid "pug raids" so... = find a good guild = problem solved. I know many of ppl dont agree with this, but for me the best way was start server with full 2.4.3 with full content availeble and just leave it to players... and I know some ppl who thinks my way. We will be more activ when SWP comes.
  14. Tomcat

    RaF in Nightbane?

    not at this point (but imo it shoud be)
  15. Tomcat

    Multiboxing = Ban

    Remeber to buy DST, Warglavies, and so on, be4 you reach max lvl xD.
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