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  1. need hpal need prot pal need killers who can kill hard ned ele and enh sham ned spriest
  2. Character Name: Ban / Nob Punishment Reason: No clue, it isn''t listed on my profile like last time. Game Master: None listed. Summary: I might have gotten banned for mistakenly typing my password too many times. But no idea. It says my account isn't frozen, and it says my account is active. But I can't log in. Account Status Active Possibly a mistype like last time. http://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/topic/2162-mistakenly-banned-by-ephemeral/ Thank you
  3. Character Name: Ban and Nob Punishment Reason: Gold Selling Game Master: Ephemeral Summary: Haven't sold any gold, but have traded gold between my own accounts. (account with Bobbie) Sorry if there's been any confusion. Thank you
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