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    Angrathar: Endgame

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    Icecrown Citadel 25HC Boost

    avarish toc heroics were opened on 01.09.2009 so anub was alive only for 7 days
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    Witam Graczy

    zadymka fju fju fju
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    Witam Graczy

    masno niy
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    Kluseq | Muted by Doremi

    Character Name: Kluseq Punishment Reason: Talking in polish next to dalaran bank Game Master: Doremi Summary: I'm sorry for talking in polish next to dalaran bank. I got 19000 days mute for that reason. I'm asking to make this mute shorter(i don't know month?) because world of warcraft is a mmo game and without talking it's impossible to have full enjoyment from playing.
  6. dunno how u calculate but u would have
  7. if u use mimiron helmet u will only lose 17 crit and gain 8 ap not lose dunno how did u get it and u are not missing hit caps because 3% from spriest/boomkin works for poison and u are not missing from poisons and getting 200 energy in 10 minutes fight isnt that good bonus
  8. 2 set is trash you go for mimirons 10hm helm and alg10 hands, and you go for dark matter instead of blood god
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