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  1. neheri

    The behaviour of GM's

    Playing several years on sunwell, never encountered any problems whatsoever, neither mute nor ban. Tickets replied within minutes.
  2. neheri

    [GUIDE] How to play WoW TBC on macOS

    You can also try to download VirtualBox for Mac: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads and install Win7 or XP on a virtual machine, then install wow there.
  3. neheri

    RIP Server? :(

    There are only 1300 players online because everybody has problems with logging in. They've put the server into some kind of debug state that hopefully will let them solve the issue completely. See their discord, they are giving updates every hour or so: https://discordapp.com/channels/227036070850723840/493867597033504769 Really hope they will manage to remove the problem with people not being able to log in today.
  4. So, the problem has occurred and is just happening right now. After all this release turmoil, do you plan to implement que at all? Or will unlimited amount of players be able to log in the server? Are multiple realms being considered?
  5. neheri

    Seriously I can't find anything

    Direct link: https://download.sunwell.pl/Sunwell.pl-World-of-Warcraft-Win-TBC.torrent Although realmlist.wtf contains beta.sunwell.pl realmlist which will probably change to logon.sunwell.pl but this has not been announced yet (at least I didn't see). You can authenticate in the game using forum credentials (at least I had wotlk account before and was able to login to BC beta realm without creating any accounts).
  6. neheri

    Few questions about nightbane

    According to what I've been reading on this forum and blog, there will be never any items nor gold or anything that can alter gameplay in any way ever be added to the store. They said that multiple times that there will be only cosmetic things like tabards/non-combat pets/mounts not obtainable in the gamea added. Besides this there will be XP boost once a player from each class gets to lvl 70 and dual talents (also available for gold). This is understandable, running a server is not a charity and I think getting money from cosmetic items is much better than from some shady or unknown practicies.
  7. Without mentioning dual talents for alliance only guild recruitment threat was 9H to 1A. Polls were also indicating heavy faction imbalance. After announcing plans for cheaper mount and dual talents it's now 15H to 8A. Polls are also much even right now. That's the proof. Now tell me your proof confirming that a problem which hurt every single TBC server that was released in near past will not occur on this server. Tell me, basing on which evidance you're claiming that this server will be balanced without any action taken by the administration. If you're not able to prove that, tell me why no changes will be able to secure balanced factions. Why something that was not addressed elsewhere and caused problems there will not cause problems here. Also please tell me why you think people and administration opening threads addressing faction balance were trash talking in your opinion. It's not so obvious at it seems on the first look, but less people in a faction can mean longer waiting time, if there are always too few people to create a BG. It all depends on BG que system implemented really. Dual talents is a tool that should solve the problem with faction imbalance. Also should allow PvPers play PvE and raiders play PvE. Why do you think queues on Angrathar are relatively short? Because people won't have to farm 100g to do some BG. Same will happen on Nightbane. It should help maintain healthy server in the long run. Haha, Felmyst viable with unreliable Gummy who can just spawn some end game items for his friends, kill bosses with commands or shut down server after showing some leaflet or even without notice. As far as I remember Gummy introduced faction que on initial to solve imbalance problem which is far more interfering solution. No changes. No battlegroups. No balanced factions. No good TBC server yet again. And really can't see a reason how dual talents or cheaper ally mount will affect arenas, BGs and raid encounters. It can allow some people to step in into these at all, which is great, but once combat starts, there's no talent swapping. Tell me how can you ensure that not chaning anything will provide balanced factions, taking into consideration that same thing elsewhere lead to ruining server very quickly and dramatic situations like not being able to create horde character at all to lessen the impact of irresponsible behaviour with planning server release (warmane).
  8. This is your imaginary world that doesn't really exist and is not even worth to be treated seriously. The reality without any changes would be ~60-80% hordes to minority alliance. Allies would get stomped in every leveling zone which would increase the imbalance even further. Alliance would have much longer BG que times and dungen/raid finding difficulties which would result in close in non-existent alliance side on the server, which means that server dies. You're quite late to the party - there have been several threads on this forum trying to find some solution how to solve the biggest danger to every TBC server which is server imbalance. In your opinion those threads are just rubbish right? Do you think administration would be silly enough to risk jeopardising the server's potential by not addressing the biggest problem in the first place? There was also long discussion regarding dual talents. TBC was great because of difficulty, of content, of class balance, not because it was missing dual talents. Do you know anybody that doesn't play WoTLK because it has dual talents? Double spec will be healthy for the server in the long run, especially thanks to it's impact on faction balance, which can already be noticed on this forum. People starving for pure TBC without any changes will most likely die from hunger or experience unplayable server with one dominating faction (Horde). Unless you like playing single faction WoW those little end-game meaningless tweaks should be completely acceptable.
  9. The racials are also better for PvE, 5% tauren health, troll berserking, AP/SP for orcs, Seal of Blood for horde paladins. There was a large gap in a survey asking what's the faction you're going to play and announcing the solution with mount discount + earlier dual talents seem to have balanced that. Having balanced faction is the biggest concern of every TBC server.
  10. You can't achieve that because there will be no battlegroups and no hundreds of realms with millions of players that removes the problem with imbalanced factions. In your "perfect imaginary world" may be some space for 50:50 A:H ratio on private server but the reality would be 75:25 which means total failure and wasted hundreds of hours and tons of effort put into fixing and organising this server. Approach the administration has taken seems to be just right.
  11. neheri

    Reroll....again!!???? For real..lets all talk

    You will not be able to buy gold here for real money. You will not be able to buy items here for real money. You will not be able to buy levels here for real money. You will not be able to buy reputation here for real money. You will be able to buy experience boost - x3 after at least one person from each class reaches lvl 70 - for real money. You will be able to buy dual talents for gold (500 / 2000 g depending on faction) or real money. Probably you will also be able to buy some cosmetics in store (non-combat pets, tabards) that will fuel the administration with money to run the server.
  12. neheri

    Few questions about nightbane

    Thanks. I've made over 100 reports and I don't care about SC at all, the only reason hadn't reported that is because I wanted to see is administration's official stance on that matter. Seems there will be revered reputation required for HC keys so that's good.
  13. neheri

    Few questions about nightbane

    That's correct, thank you. Therefore I think current beta reputation requirement (honored) should be reported and changed if administration wants to follow content progression.
  14. Obviously there is no win-win solution that everyone will like. Some people will not like having mount 50% cheaper for the Alliance, some people will consider Horde having limited access to dual talents to be too big problem to bear. However this gives reasonable chances of having a balanced TBC server which is the biggest concern. Having some people resigning because of not having dual talents until BT is minor compared to what would 75:25 server ratio be. And please, if you want to say thing like "alliance only server" please read Guild recruitment thread first. Anyway, maybe administration should think about some kind of "safety button" that will not allow faction ratio to be more than 59:41.
  15. Spells and talents will probably remain they were 2.4.3 and that's because of the gane client. Content however will be progressive as far as I know - only T4/T5 available from start, no Isle of quel danas on the release etc. This was a very good question though and some Questions and Answers post regularly updated by administration covering all the concerns appearing on the forum would be nice and helpful for newcomers.
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