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  1. Hi! My name is Adrian(EU). I've been playing WoW since late Tbc, started playing private servers ~4 years ago. I'm currently looking for a weekend raiding-guild that's willing to take a player who has a rotating work schedule. This week I had a day off on tuesday and sunday. Next week I'll be available saturday and sunday and it basically rotates like that; although with my current job it's not guaranteed that I'll get called in for work certain saturdays because I work at a staffing agency; and it means that I'll get a call from my boss and she orders me to go out to certain companies to work for them, taking place for an employee that got sick as an example. But some days I won't get called in because they couldn't find someone that I could work for. I get a lot of free time so I'm not super limited in how much I can play; it's just that because I work at different days and different times each week It becomes quite the hassle to find a guild who has a raiding schedule that works for me. My character's name is Frins and I play a mage, I'm currently lvl 75 and am working hard to lvl 80. I am a nice and dedicated person. When it's time for raiding I take it very seriously but I won't throw a tantrum if we would get stuck on a boss, people messing up tactics or if I don't get any loot. If I have to work on one saturday I'll ofcourse message the person responsible way beforehand that I won't be able to make it. I hope that I sound interesting to someone out there. I am online most of the time so if you want to contact me then feel free to do so.
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