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  1. how human you have to be to come up with such a sick idea ...
  2. go seperate on 80 bg for pve players..
  3. We know that you enjoy leveling and gaining experience by playing battlegrounds Doremi are you kidding ? its just stupid joke or what? prima aprilis? rbg its pvp zone for killing enemy not for pve players... Realy its not funny joke. think about what you want to achieve and then present something ... 50 people on the forum decide on the whole bracket?
  4. Wielki

    Twinks 19

    Hello guys, lf twinks guild ally side.
  5. Wielki

    Twink 19

  6. Wielki

    Twink 19

  7. Wielki

    Twink 19

  8. Wielki

    Twink 19

    LF guild 19 twinks!! come one gays!! go create twinks!! gl
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