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  1. >probably around 4k players in peak, maybe even more >200 twinks left server >WoTLK iS dEaD oN tHiS SErvEr
  2. Keynn

    Banned by server

    Is it some kind of joke? Waiting more than 3 days for any answer when some guy with exactly the same ban got an answer after few hours XD
  3. Keynn

    Banned by server

    Can anyone from administration check my appeal? Waiting already more than 2 days when guy got exactly same ban with same reason and he was probably unbanned after few hours only because he created topic in "help desk" instead of "appeals" :_:
  4. Keynn

    Banned by server with no reason (?)

    @Azathothh Can u also check my appeal please? Got same ban with exactly same reason and waiting 2 days for any answer xd
  5. Keynn

    Peperhands banned by server (?)

    Your name - PeperhandsPunishment Reason - Anticheat violation (Collision WMD)Date - 2020-01-11 23:10:40Description - So I've had lag spikes. I was at dalaran hearthstone, fall to crystalsong forest through dalaran (like there is no floor, textures), took sickness, used hearthstone to same place, fall through textures again, did alt + f4 and then I couldn't log in cuz my account was suspended.
  6. Can u explain me why do people choose twinking and playing mostly against low level which u can one shot instead of playing at 80 and being able to do much more things? Raids, 2s/3s/5s, equal BG's where u play against people with similar gear?
  7. Azathothh wrote that on discord at 30 of december "We're not saying that it would stay forever, we want to enable it for couple of days and monitor the situation/check if it would have positive or negative effect on 70-79 bg bracket which currently is in terrible state" so I don't know why u keep crying every day if it won't change their decision. Statistics from BG 70-79: Overall: 11680 (A) - 3620 (H) This month (probably last 30 days): 7065 (A) - 1947 (H) Last 7 days (They introduced separated ques 10 days ago): 753 (A) 589 (H) FiX NOthiNg BTW XD
  8. Keynn

    Question for everyone

    Well, many people asked them about transfers at the beginning and they said "Atm we don't know anything about transfers" after 1.5 months probably nothing changed.
  9. Keynn

    Question for everyone

    Or they will transfer characters with all gear etc. but later, when ICC on frosthold will come up.
  10. Yup, for sure pvp racials makes difference in 70-79 bracket when as a twink u oneshot most of enemies with ur engi gloves :DD
  11. >vanilla content >wrath of the lich king ??
  12. Keynn

    Sunwell Viral #01 and Q&A

    Fresh wotlk? PeepoHappy
  13. Keynn

    Który serwer?

    Nie wiem jakiej jeszcze odpowiedzi oczekujesz, feronis zostal juz oficjalnie zamkniety, nightbane tez powinien bo nie wiem czy tam 30 online jest, oba realmy umarly smiercia naturalna (tzn. ludzie przeniesli sie na inny) TBC od Wotlka rozni sie tym ze jest to zupelnie inny dodatek - nowe talenty, nowe itemy, bardziej rozwiniete profesje, nowe raidy, nowe krainy, nowe mounty, nowe pety
  14. Keynn

    Save the Sunwell

    ^But u can't be sure if these people in starting zones are real people or maybe bots.
  15. Keynn

    Save the Sunwell

    ^and what about warmane, do u really think there are playing 12k ppl on icecrown realm? Or 5k on lordaeron? XD They are boosting their online and everyone with +30iq knows it.
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