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  1. Keynn

    New Realm

  2. Keynn

    ICCH Lost Loot

    GM's can't give loot to players so u can delete this post.
  3. But they did? They just deleted this post for some reason XD
  4. Keynn

    DBB HC Disappeared

    But u know DBB norm/HC and morkosh has same icon?
  5. Keynn

    Evvia ---

    Character Name: Evvia Punishment Reason: Speaking non-english in public chat. (I wrote 3 words in polish on say) Game Master: I dont know. Summary: It's my first ban/mute so according to rules I should get only 30 minutes mute, not 7 days XD 2. General channels, such as General, Trade, LocalDefense, Public chats in Major Cities are treated in the same way as the global chat channel: speaking other language may result in a mute from 30 minutes to 10 days; 30 minutes of mute - the first case 6 hours of mute – the second case; 10 days of mute – the third and the next cases;
  6. Keynn

    Ninja looter

    But u know we have icc content here? So how items from naxx/uldu/toc can be BEST IN SLOT here? Btw. spirit and mp5/crit yikes
  7. Keynn

    Ninja looter

    And what about that if this item has bis stats for ele? And shaman armor type is mail btw XD
  8. Keynn

    Icecrown Citadel 25HC Boost

    You know what they did to twins? They fixed it XD
  9. Keynn

    Dungeon ninja

    Maybe read the rules before u ask the question? "Needing an item on 5-Man dungeons is not considered ninjalooting, thus it won't result in expending the ninja list."
  10. Keynn

    Witam Graczy

    pal gume frajerska chmuro
  11. Keynn

    Feronis Forum

    @Cwiercpasiec Mr Cule cant since he's a normal member
  12. Keynn

    Feronis Forum

    Yo by quality content he meant guides etc., not shitty posts from polaks XD There shouldn't be allowed to speak polish, on forum/in game and im saying it as a polak
  13. Keynn

    EXP boost from store - question

    24 hours in real life since you buy it.
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