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  1. Keynn

    Stepping up difficulty...

    Why do u ask for boosting togc10/toc25 then if u can't kill icehowl?
  2. Keynn

    Report Szalona

    Your name - RelaxbroReported player's name - SzalonaDate - 26.06.2020Rule that was broken - 9. Using quest items and quest mounts to attack other players is strictly prohibited. Quest items are meant for the quest they are provided for. The punishment for that is individual but can be no longer than 7 days of account suspension.Description - He killed me by using Warbear MatriarchEvidence - https://imgur.com/a/tzgdSpI
  3. And what will you do with that gear if u won't be able to clear togc25 in first idk, month because of huge boosts?
  4. No, that's stupid af. TOC is too short so let's reduce amount of raids from 4 to 2 4Head
  5. Keynn

    Ulduar nerf incorrectly implemented

    but hp on mimiron hm has been nerfed xdd
  6. Keynn

    ninja looting -Viperek

  7. Keynn

    [Report - Ninjalooting] Krxheat

    Give me one reason why wouldn't I wear cloth or leather as a paladin if it has good statistics and armor type doesn't matter cuz it's wotlk, not cata?
  8. Keynn

    [Report - Ninjalooting] Krxheat

    It looks like u are the only person who don't know how main spec works XD Why wouldn't u wear cloth items as a holy paladin if it has good statistics for you? It's wotlk, armor type doesn't matter unless u are a tank. Don't know why do u compare pvp to pve when 90% of pvp items got class requirement and kinda hard to equip cloth as a paladin when only priest/warlock/mage can wear it XD Situation is different in pve where u can equip every item as a paladin and u will be able to do that if u are playing in normal guild/with normal pug raid leader
  9. Keynn

    Paladin taking Mail items Ninja

    Well, hard to say if u didn't show any screenshots except one showing conversation so I have no idea which chest he won but probably statistics were like int/haste/mp5, maybe crit so yeah, those statistics means paladin can wear it ))))
  10. Keynn

    Paladin taking Mail items Ninja

    Ok, point me where does it say it's only shamans chest.
  11. Keynn

    Paladin taking Mail items Ninja

    And he's right, armor type doesn't really matter unless u are tank/it has good statistics for u XD
  12. Keynn

    Auction Undercutting

    because he has more than 30 iq and he understand that nobody would buy it for 30g?
  13. Keynn

    Auction Undercutting

    4th option - they are overpriced as fuck. For example glyph of hammer of justice - useless glyph, maybe u can use it in pvp, but I doubt, u need midnight ink to craft it, to craft midnight u need bruiseweed which costs 7g on ah, recipe is from trainer, yup, why would anyone buy it for 80g, probably same with rest of glyphs.
  14. Keynn

    Ninja Looter: Oakleaf

    >mp5 >warlock XD
  15. Keynn

    Ninja loot topic

    Why? Agi gives u crit. Also best neck is with agi, same with weapons :^) He have to say before pull if warior CAN'T roll on leather items cuz basic rules are MS>OS and agi can be used by a warrior, it's not like mp5 on dps xdd
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