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  1. Fizzla

    Icecrown Citadel 25HC Boost

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, demand boosts yet exploit the "too easy" bosses. Really setting the bar high here Titan.
  2. Fizzla

    Icecrown Citadel 25HC Boost

    Lul, yeah wow ulduar was so well done, it only completely forced class stacking on multiple bosses for a kill to be viable. GL if you didn't have a ton of alts to flex your comp. It was a disaster for the server that saw more players leave than any other content on Angrathar. Considering Ulduar is supposed to be one of the crown jewels of raiding that's pretty telling. If you are so desperate for more challenging content feel free to unequip 25% of your gear. Or you know, play on a different xpac you haven't memorized. Somehow vanilla elite guilds manage to not be crybaby bitchs and instead challenge themselves with faster clear times. You guys are pathetic.
  3. Fizzla

    Icecrown Citadel 25HC Boost

    Oh no, the mega tryhards that have been playing wrath for years aren't challenged by doing the same content for the 30th time? Well golly gee no way, how shocking. Sunwell should be ashamed for not catering to ~5% of the server! I've never seen such a crybaby elite guild before.
  4. Fizzla

    Periodic Survey: Angrathar - Summary!

    Uh are you kidding? Did you not pay attention to HM Freya, you know the boss that the server first 25man insanity guild couldn't kill? Required stacking paladin raid walls, and far beyond server firsts. You guys are artificially screwing guilds out of experiencing content just to appease your elite guilds and its sickening. How many guilds cleared your keepers hardmode that you are so proud of again? You know, that Ulduar place that you say was an element of progress? If you think Ulduar was such a success then please provide the kill stats and prove it. I'll bet less than 15% of players cleared HM 25 keepers.
  5. Fizzla

    What's up with the PvE difficulty?

    Whatever your answer is devs/admins, please be up front about your balancing plans. Those of us that want a near blizzlike or full blizzlike PvE really want to know the details on how you will approach this. For myself and my crew, we have no problems with buffing hp to compensate for higher dps from later talents. Custom BS on top of that is a no go for us. You are more than entitled to balance however you want, please just be up front.
  6. Fizzla

    I cant reset instances

    Its just straight broken on this server, you gotta invite a random person and make a group, then drop it, and that will reset
  7. Lol dude, you just continue to ignore my posts while at the same time making fun of them. You can't have it both ways, I've said in EVERY SINGLE POST that im ok with buffing the HP to compensate for the increased dmg. Sorry if I expected you to be intelligent enough to actually read my posts you tool.
  8. We feel entitled to what? A non custom Wotlk server? Man what a crazy concept, I must be a outlier and totally alone in my opinion. Oh wait, ITS YOU who are the entitled dicks who want custom content to suit their needs because they are bored of Wrath yet continue to play it. Some of us have never done Wrath and haven't yet memorized the entire expansion, but screw us apparently for wanting the same challenge that millions got to experience in retail. No problems with HP buffs to compensate for talents, but everything else its YOU who are entitled. They catered to the top guilds crying on Ulduar and it backfired HUGE on the server. Yet you entitled shits are doubling down for ToC. Shame on you.
  9. And I know 4 guilds that died due to struggling on custom HMs, and other people here have echoed that sentiment. I'm fine with the HP buffs to compensate for the talents WHICH I SAID BEFORE, its the same damn you are complaining about that I'm complaining about lol. "Twin Val'kyr debuff will damage the whole raid, instead of single damage to the player with debuff; Jaraxxus will use Touch of Jaraxxus spell" which are both custom added mechanics, not HP buffs to compensate. You mad bro? You were so mad you didn't even read my post lol. We actually agree on most of this.
  10. Am I really that crazy in just wanting a god damn blizzlike fight without custom horseshit to keep the wotlk diehards that are obviously bored with wrath amused? If you hate ToC so much then just don't clear it, don't get it custom changed just to keep your bored asses amused. Its amazing how selfish the veteran wrath community is, demanding custom changes to keep yourselves amused at the cost of the majority of the server that just wants to clear unchanged content. Buffing HP to account for the increased dmg from talents sure, everything else screw you.
  11. Great now you guys are buffing it because the ~5 elite guilds want a larger challenge. Couldn't even keep to your original plan for more than 5 days. So you are catering to ~125 people over the rest of the server, how well did that work for you guys in Ulduar again? Oh yeah, it killed 20+ guilds. I don't think there's a single NA guild left that clears HMs now. So you hurt your own servers population BADLY by buffing the crap outta Ulduar,, and now you are buffing TogC which is a raid that apparently most people already dislike due to the repetition. Great plan, it's like you want this server to die before reaching ICC. More custom scripting on a raid people already dislike + launching a TBC server is going to cripple Angrathar even more than the Ulduar disaster already has. Do I get to expect similar custom buffing on your TBC server? Let me know ahead of time so I can save us all a headache and wait for a different server. So far I've been right on every single prediction I've made on this server, the ulduar custom buffed difficulty killing tons of guilds, people being forced to mega cheese 0 light with 9 locks because of custom scripting. It's like I've somehow gained this super power that's called LEARNING FROM HISTORY. Give it a try sometime.
  12. How many guilds died during Ulduar? At least NA got absolutely wrecked, I saw ~5 NA guilds die on alliance side including my own and that was just the guilds I knew people in. Many of them died while struggling on the buffed HMs. Buffing content to suit just the top 10% of raiders has backfired on servers population every single time. I saw it on Kronos with a buffed Naxx that decimated the server especially horde side, we went through the same thing now with that buffed ulduar and also EoE. You say buffed EoE25 was ok? How many guilds died because they didn't have enough warlocks and mages to cheese the vortex in order to beat that stupid enrage timer? It was horrible and that's coming from a guy whos guild held the speed kill record on that boss before it was nerfed. How many guilds even cleared the 4 keepers HMs before it was nerfed? 8ish? That's a complete failure of balancing and it screwed everyone that wasn't full mega tryhard. FF was overtuned so badly that even guilds with tons of WOTLK experience that raid 5+ days a week still took hundreds of attempts to kill it.
  13. Sounds like you guys just don't like TOGC, tough shit. Not all of us have cleared WOTLK a million times and want the devs to completely remake the encounters to serve our needs. Thanks for not adding a bunch of custom buffs like you did with Ulduar, my guild is greatly looking forward to TOGC with around 8 of us never having stepped foot into the raid.
  14. Fizzla

    Post-Ulduar news!

    Horde got absolutely nuked on Kronos due to those buffs, ally it was fine due to kings. I wasn't referring to the difficulty of Kronos vs Sunwell, I was referring to the mindset people generally have when wiping due to custom content. People fundamentally have far less issues wiping to blizzlike content because they know millions of other players dealt with the same stuff. We shall see how many guilds actually kill all these buffed HMs before they are nerfed. If only 5 or less guilds kill it then its a failure imo. ~5000 people and only ~125 clearing is pretty overtuned.
  15. Fizzla

    Post-Ulduar news!

    It's funny that your guild is unable to kill 0 light, yet you still trash talk the only guild that has killed 0 light. Despite multiple guilds going full tryhard ever since Ulduar came out, only 1 guild has killed it, and they had to cheese it with 9 warlocks. That guild btw is now quitting the server. Why are guilds falling apart right now? In just the last 3 weeks off the top of my head, we've lost playing ironically, Paradigm, The Office, What Now, Risen, and Group Therapy. Is this normal for a wrath server? If this is normal then ignore the rest of my post. I can only speak for my old guild Group Therapy, but we struggled to kill these buffed HMs week after week, and people's dissatisfaction with lack of progress + our RL taking a step back killed the guild. I know Risen died for a similar reason. I've played on a custom buffed server in the past (Kronos) and people severely dislike being unable to progress due to custom buffing. Many guilds would be successfully killing most or all of the HMs by now if the content wasn't buffed, and many guilds would have a much higher chance of still being alive because of that. Is the content being so hard necessarily a bad thing? No. If the admins of this server main goal is to seriously challenge the best guilds on server, then they would probably call this situation a win. I just want to make sure that the players and admins understand that there's a cost to buffing the content to be so challenging. And that cost is guilds struggling and dying out much faster than they would if the content wasn't buffed. We have non top tier guilds dying because they are unable to keep progressing at a decent pace, and we have top tier guilds quitting/dying because they don't want to farm such hard content week after week.
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