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  1. Honjura

    Show off your UI!

    are you using an addon to manage your addon buttons? SlideBar isn't working for me for some reason. and i have no freaking idea why.
  2. Honjura

    hello can anyone help me out?

    do note that you can take any WOTLK client that is the same patch and use it, the remastered version is just an optional bonus. but if you want them sweet textures, probably better to just download their remastered client. but you can try adding the patch files manually yourself if you want. and a torrent should be up soon, hopefully, i am also waiting for that
  3. Honjura

    LF addons (3.3.5a versions or a coder)

    not sure if it's here, but did you look here? https://beta.sunwell.pl/addons
  4. Honjura

    Heirloom acquisition?

    New to this group, but how would one gain heirlooms effectively on your server, since i don't wish to cash shop such things, will there be a voting system similar to other servers? or will it only be by grinding badges on a higher lvl char to buy them with? also will you be including more than just trinkets, chests, shoulders, rings and weapons?
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