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  1. Ephemeral

    Frostknight (Banned by MrCulé)

  2. Ephemeral

    OreoDogDFW (Account Closed by Tide)

  3. Ephemeral


  4. Ephemeral

    New here, Help me choose class to play

    That's a tough question! You need to choose a class and a spec you really like. However, tanks and healers are generally always valuable as much as shamans (heroism/blood lust). If I were you, I'd choose a class that can switch to different roles (dps-healer, dps-tank) but as I said: choose what YOU really want to play.
  5. Ephemeral

    giulianomsa (Banned by Ephemeral)

    Hi. I've been appearing at your location and observing your movement as our anti-cheat system detected you. Believe me, you did not look as if you had lags However, we decided to give you one more chance and unban your account but mind you I will surely watch you! P.S. your account login is so complicated, I'd been trying to ban you several times and still got it misspelled! Cheers and good luck with your professions
  6. Ephemeral

    Banned for playing with a friend in RDF

  7. Ephemeral

    My father's account accused of botting

    What's your character name?
  8. Ephemeral

    Mistakenly banned? (by Ephemeral)

    Hi Boby! I've accidentally misspelled the nick, sorry! Your account has been unbanned! Cheers!
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