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  1. I would much prefer it being opt in, not opt out. To me, this just screams "custom server" in a untasteful way.
  2. Neverblock

    3v3 Tournament Information

    I'm unable to log into the tournament realm and I would like to tweak my character, can you please open it? @Shatter edit: seems fixed.
  3. Neverblock

    3v3 Tournament Information

    Are there any rules forbidding race/spec change during the tournament? for example: i start one game as human but decide I lack resil and if its ok for me to go a different race and maybe even change my spec via dual spec?
  4. Neverblock

    3v3 Tournament Information

    soo what gear is the tourney gonna be played at?
  5. Neverblock

    3v3 Tournament Information

    > If the game goes over 10 min, each team will be awarded 1 point. 1. What happens when you draw twice in a row? Can we maybe apply the AT rule that the team that got their opponest to lowest HP is the winner, I'd be for it. You can easly track that with the spectator addon. 2. Will the tournament be hosted on Angrathar? three things speak against it - gear imbalance, not all teams have equal gear access, - 18:00 server time the server is usually full of players, which causes a high server update diff - on retail there used to be a seperate tournament realm (related to the 1st one)
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