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  1. Dootz

    Reconnaisance Flight not working.

    Hi, when you take control of the vehicle ( after it catches fire if I remember correctly) press spacebar. That should help. If you're playing with a druid, remove shapeshift before you accept a quest.
  2. Dootz

    Zombiefest! achievement?

    Hi, I'll check it, and try to fix it for next update.
  3. Hi, i can see that you completed quest Mending Fences. Could you check at Anvil(http://www.wowhead.com/object=192060/fjorns-anvil) if you can take quest"A Spark of Hope".(http://www.wowhead.com/quest=12956/a-spark-of-hope) . Most likely it will resolve your issue, as this quest grants 22k of reputation.
  4. Dootz

    Cannot log in!

    Hi, please check this guide first :
  5. Dootz

    No copper veins - Eversong Woods

    It's not just 2 veins. There's more but probably someone else already gathered them. But you're right that there's probably not enough veins at the same time. It'll be increased with next server update.
  6. Dootz

    No copper veins - Eversong Woods

    Hi, they respawn every 15 minutes, but they are not all active (visible) at the same time. That's probably why you found only 2.
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