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  1. I guess it just didn't work on Pservers back then.
  2. If I remember correctly average itemlevel was introduced in Cata so people wouldn't need Gearscore addon, and to prevent fresh 85s in poor underleveled questing gear from jumping into heroics where they would be way undergeared. Does the dungeon finder here uses an average itemlevel system to keep people with below ilvl200 (Heroic dungeon and reputation reward stuff) gear out of those more difficult dungeons?
  3. Naru

    I was wondering...

    So it's some... post-endgame content for folks who have full BiS and have nothing else to do at that point?
  4. Naru

    I was wondering...

    Why is transmog so expensive on Wrath servers? Is it putting stress on the server/clients so the people in full mog should be limited or something? It just strikes me as odd because transmog is quite a goldsink on Cata and later servers it's quite a goldsink even wit hit's low price because you need to reapply the transmog every time you get a new piece of equipment.
  5. Or do they require Ulduar to be finished like some other servers?
  6. Naru

    "Tank" rogue?

    For soloing old content and maybe Northrend elites I was thinking of putting together an item set with Parry/Dodge runes and tanky enchants and take the defensive talents in the Combat spec. That might have more suvivability on tougher bosses than trying to DPS race with a pure DPS Assassination rogue right?
  7. That must be it. Thank you. Should I play with 1x or 2x rate if I'm starting from 0 on this server? Also is RDF good for leveling or people only quest?
  8. Started playing a Rogue from 0. I'm at level 12 and literally can't afford my spells... I played a lot on WotLK servers and it doesn't feel right...
  9. On Sunwell. Mobs move way faster than supposed to. Pets can't catch up to them, they quickly catch up to you and stick to your back when chasing, and don't even get me started on cases when you are supposed to kill one before it manages to run away to warn others. Is this problem present on Angrathar too?
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