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  1. Your name - Unluckyaf Reported player's name - Ikaa Date - 24.01.2019 Rule that was broken - Ninjaloot 25man hc Description - So I won Treads of The Icewalker boots , with 100 roll. Basically what happened. Raid leader CLEARLY stated that WE will start rolling for items as soon as we clear the Twins, to prevent anyone from leaving the raid. We eventually R/O because we couldn't kill the twins and we started rolling. I rolled 100 on the boots and I traded the raid leader.. and he mistakenly thought it was me, and gave it to someone else. I suspect its either Ikaa or Lucifiel. The biggest suspects of this clown fiesta are those 2 guys. I'll attach the pictures below. He also Ikaa either trolled to sell me those boots or he meant it for real. Also he rolled first on my screenshot. He was so desperate to have them . Sorry if the pictures arent in order, also posted a Recount with all names from RL Evidence - EDIT. I just found this guy helping me out and I KINDLY THANK HIM. HE SPOTTED THIS GUY SELLING THE BOOTS. IKAA NINJAED ME Sorry for caps im just too excited to see justice be done
  2. Rottingflesh

    Ninja Loot? - ToC 10 Normal

    Lmfao hunter complaining about a rogue " ninja'ing" him. Seriously? Thats his main shit, unless he has something better , rogue has priority over them. Typical hunter crying When u hunters "ninja" the daggers from rogues so u can equip 2x melees , how's it then ? Damn i miss cata and mop. lvl 40 or 50 class passives, armor specializations. So there wouldnt be this shit happening anymore
  3. Rottingflesh


    So you're a pug guy as well and is mad about it? Oh the tears
  4. Rottingflesh

    Mist of Pandaria

  5. Rottingflesh

    Mist of Pandaria

    Can't wait for MoP honestly.
  6. Rottingflesh

    Sending mails between fractions

    You can just go to booty bay and use the neutral mailbox.
  7. Rottingflesh

    Defending against some Trash

    Naaktlslak or w/e the hell is his name, trolled intentionally in WG. And i told him to stop destroying the siege. he told me to stfu and the discussion derailed from there cuz he triggered me so bad with that loser mentality. Nevertheless i've ignored him,eventually ,he came on his second account to make me some PL trash, ( im romanian btw, not PL, not that even matters anyway) , and in his report he forgot to post those beautiful racist and insulting screenshots from his other character. He also claimed hes Sexy in his thread. Rofl, So guys, this asshole has something against PL for some reason. All PL in his eyes are poor mofos that eats daddy cum apparently. Look at this guy Oh yea, forgot. I will be famous on website. Well he will be more famous cuz he's hating on all PL for some reason PS,. Looks like he made another thread complaining how his thread got rejected because he cant post a properly SS. And he wants justice done when he, as well, is as toxic as a radioactive waste. Its actually funny tbh. Ppl hating on this guy and flaming him for some reason.. Wonder what it is Provoking people, insulting them, eventually they fight back normally or even worse, so this guy has an opportunity to lure ppl in reporting them. Sounds to me like some typical LoL player. Looking at his forum profile , its all about just crying and reporting players for flaming
  8. Idk wtf is ur problem against it. Its a transmog feature, doesn't impact the game in any way. If u dont want to evolve , just please piss off to Vanilla or alpha wow by instance. There u wont have anything. Against it? Disable it. Is that hard
  9. Rottingflesh

    report a player

    The raid leader specifically said that if anyone freezes the raid in KT 10man, its loot banned. U did so, u got loot banned then called us l2p. Get outta here. You're blacklisted in any raid i will be from now on with Vessler. Plain incompetence and dumbness
  10. Rottingflesh

    Transfering from Retail

    Gimme that strong stuff you're smoking
  11. Rottingflesh

    [Report] Upiorni

    Just a whiny kid trying to abuse this player report system by trying to report me , for the sole reason because we we're kicking each other , so we could just spam the prison dungeon trough RDF. He's threatening to report me for nonsense , and i'll report him as well then, to defend myself in that case. Have a nice day sunwell staff
  12. IF your mana is low, and you switch into bear or any other form and drink a mana potion, it doesnt replenish ur mana at all, it counts for bear form which doesnt use any mana. Health potions in forms works tho. Is this a bug, or its intended to be like this?
  13. Profesionalism right here ! Nice decision, im excited about xmogs. Common grounds , i like this.
  14. Rottingflesh

    Reporting Annlisa, Aka Justchatta

    This says enough. Sadly i didnt took any pictures as i claimed to do. But GM should check the logs somehow so they can see what actually happened. I want justice So i queued for RDF, all good, untill he, with his main character Annlisa ( cuz he was too scared to post on his main character) , claimed that he will not do this dungeon because our healer was actually enhancement specced, and that he claimed is an idiot for queueing this way. Annlisa with his tank Justchatta , abused the vote to kick system in dungeon. Why? Well, he didnt wanted to do the dungeon because the healer was specced into dps, and WE ALL had to sit in this misery because of this sole player, Annlisa. He refused to kick anyone, claiming he will afk the whole dungeon. Proof? The picture itself Eventually after threatening me that i will get banned ,and he will not because " he's not abusing anything" he started to trigger me so bad that i had to wrote those words. then he said in caps " THATS WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR, FINALLY" And proceeds to post on forum , reporting me. Seriously? Is this the new way to punish players that just wanted to do a damn dungeon?!, but Nope because this 2 player character wanted to AFK trough it, so we had 2 choices : Leave and get 30 min Deserter Buff, or stay in it and make our lives miserable. Nice evening i got there , even worse if i'll get punished because i said him a few words , and he gets away scotch free keeping us in that dungeon for over 30min +, chatting and telling us to LEAVE the dungeon , cuz he wont approve any kick because of his other character being present, automatically 2 NO votes. Btw , Justchatta or Annlisa, w/e the hell u are, If you are going to actually REPORT ME, do it properly P.s Maybe thats what he wanted to do in the first place? Have 2 chars, que together, AFK it because u just want to , eventually kick votes will pop out and no kick vote will ever succeed , players will start to be angry, u anger them even more, eventually they start to threaten u so bad , proceed to make a ticket on forum, and punish the innocent player. Nice RDF abuse. There should be some rules tied to it Having fun is hard these days, because there are those ppl who ruin it
  15. It shows as red for me now. They fixed it already.
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