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  1. Doing a Naxx25 run on Saturday, January 20th on the Angrathar beta realm. The run will start at 3 PM EST (9 PM CET I believe) . We are going to be testing in ilvl 200 gear just to get a proper impression of the difficulty so expect wiping and don't expect a full clear. Be on 15-30 minutes prior to the run and message Warlocky for an invite. The group will be first come first serve for all roles. Give yourself proper time to set up a character on the beta.
  2. FiveCents

    [NA] <Infinity> Semi-Hardcore 25m 2-night Weekday Raiding

    Thanks guys! Join our discord, we've been havin fun chatting it up and chilling in the voice channels as we await launch and mess around on the beta. Would be great to get to know you all!
  3. FiveCents

    [H] LFM Naxxramas (25m)

    I vote for 20 January. That way us NA folks can attend if we have work during the day on 19 January.
  4. FiveCents

    <No Reason> [H][EU] 10/25 man raiding EU (GMT +1)

    Need time zones for the international nature of this realm.
  5. FiveCents

    Angrathar: Boosted 3.0!

    Looks awesome! Thanks for the hard work.
  6. <Infinity> [NA] is a semi hardcore raid team on the new Angrathar server.. The goal is to form a 2-night weekday raid team that raids either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday sometime between 8:30-12:30 PM EST that has fun but also progresses at a reasonable pace. We are currently polling our raid team to determine raid days and times. As of now, we are recruiting any players interested in weekday raiding with NA raid times on this new server. Specifically, we need a rdruid, hpriest, hpally, and a variety of DPS (tank or healing offspecs are a plus!) If you are interested message me on Discord, fill out our Google Application form or join the Discord server. FiveCents#3592 https://goo.gl/forms/1exWYulGHHYUgJYE3 https://discord.gg/cFm9aB6
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