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    Someone before have written about that bug and swnwell devs did nothing. On global server locust could stack acclimation but on sunwell it doesn't cuz it's "enviromental effect, not spell". Really?
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    Hello. I'm looking for someone who have good knowledge of acclimation talent mechanics from retail. Especially interestiong for me are proc conditions [aura?]. I was looking for some more infos and found player who have written that acclimation stacks from sapph aura and staying on his encounter perm at 3 stacks. On sunwell it never works like that. Is it a bug then?
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    TS server

    Hello. TS server got error. I would join and tank with my friends as usual but i can not. Plz fix it asap.
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    Mind Control on Instructor Razuvious

    Or kill it without MC
  5. Frost mage used to be called improper for PvE, but if u know how to use that spec u can do around 7k+ dps in naxa-geared raid. Frost loose less on fights which require some movement cuz have 1. fast casts; 2. pet active all the time. Fingers of Frost give crazy crt increase - if u know how to use it u can do around 40k of dmg in +-2-3 secs. Frost give nice raid buffs cuz of: 1. replenishment; 2. 5% crt increase on target The last thing - frost mage can spam his skills much longer than other specs because of crazy cheap spells. In endgame gear the gap between frost and two other specs could be higher but it's really fun spec 2 play. Just catch your caps (hit, then crt to 100% crt chance on raid buff and FoF proc, then haste as much as possible). Check out https://sunwell.pl/talents-calculator/mage?tal=23002400310013000000000000000000000000000000000000000000003503030311233100030152231151 Usefull tip: when your FoF proc it normally affect next 2 spells BUT it could affect 3 of them. How? FoF proc -> Frost Bolt -> Frost Bolt AND Deep Freeze or (of DF is on CD and Brain Freeze proc) Frostfire bolt = 3 spells with crt chance areound 100% if good geared. Frost have the same crt dmg modifier as fire = our crts doesn't hit for 150% of normal dmg but for 200%. I've played probably all of mage builds and this one was my favourite. These mages which crying "omg, frost mage can't fu*k me out in dps" are really fun ;3 And the last thing - Frost mage makes a lot more DMG on AoE than Arca, little less than fire BUT u can spam your blizzard whole day w/o even thinking of your mana. In addition mobs are rooted cuz of Imp. Blizzard + Frostbite and have more time to react if get aggro. That's all. Thank you for your patience ;3
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