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    RDF Experience

    This is intentional and we will stick with them. Those exp gains also scale with whatever global bonuses are currently up on a realm and since there will be x2 till level 70, i think those values are just fine
  2. Riztazz

    RDF Experience

    We will stick with those values, when i was writing down exp i looked at wrong row by mistake. I will update original post with proper values in a bit. Sorry for the confusion
  3. Riztazz

    Battleground experience

    I could do a first win of the day bonus experience but it wouldnt be visible in the BG panel because it is not done via quests like other reward stuff but we feel like there is enough experience even for losing team that scales with experience required so we're not gonna do it. As far as bg selection goes, it is random
  4. Riztazz

    RDF Experience

    Read wrong row in DBC when i was writing down exp values for rdf quests, i'll change those later to match OP
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