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  1. Azathothh

    [Palada/Froll] (banned by Azathothh)

    Hello, 2019-06-29 15:16:46 20k gold traded to Biibak 2019-06-30 22:25:59 1k gold traded to Oleez 2019-07-11 22:06:24 10k gold traded to Podepa 2019-07-12 23:59:45 3,75k gold traded to Doorlock These are just few examples, there's much more - even if you will say that you were "giving away this gold to friends" this gold (or at least part of it) was bought from other goldsellers, for example 15k from Bratishkaa on 2019-06-30 21:56:15 Sorry but i'm 100% sure that you broke our rules, pretending that you did nothing wrong isn't going to help. Appeal rejected, Regards
  2. Azathothh

    Loot Ninja

    Hello. Sorry but we don't interfere with group loot. Regards
  3. Azathothh

    [Report] Pirzmaker

    Hello. Thanks for your report, he's punished. Regards
  4. Azathothh

    74. Hurdrak

    Hello. The default loot rules are applied to every raid leader. If he wants to change the loot rules, he has to state the new loot rules and screenshot it. The screenshot is an evidence to be used against, if any, ninja-looting reports. In the case when item is deal out in wrong way, the person who will recive that item must to give it back to Raid Leader, and then Master Looter could dispence the item in correct way. Otherwise that person will be regarded as a ninjalooter. Player Hurdrak added to our ninjalist. Thanks for your report, Regards
  5. Azathothh

    Report speaking PL

    Hello. They were punished, thanks for your report. Regards
  6. Azathothh

    Report speaking PL

    Hello. Sorry, but we're not accepting edited/cropped screenshots. If you have whole screenshot please edit your post with it. Regards
  7. Azathothh

    [Xerkres] (Banned by Azathothh)

    You should be perm muted long time ago, we've been giving you another chance over and over and looks like you didn't care about it at all - this time you've crossed the line. Appeal rejected, Goodbye
  8. Azathothh

    Username Recovery

    Hello. Please check your game folder\WTF\Account\ names of folders inside = names of accounts that you've been logged on. Regards
  9. Azathothh

    Account Stuck

    Click on Development, then Suggest Realm - list of our realms will appear - at the bottom switch to tournament tab and then select Angrathar . It happens when different realmlist was used - client tries to connect to previously used realm, but he can't cause it's not available anymore (due to realmlist change). Regards
  10. Azathothh

    [Report] Sraczyslaw

    Hello, He's punished, thanks for your report! Regards
  11. Azathothh

    [Raport] Defllect and his ALT

    Hello. These characters are forced to rename - he won't be able to log on them without changing their names. Regards
  12. Azathothh

    [Report] Neonek, Yosarin, Podrywacz

    Hello. Thanks for your report, they were punished. I'd like to remind that in "normal" /party chat you can speak any language you want, but in Dungeon Finder group ENGLISH is required, both on /party and /say during that dungeon - same applies for battlegrounds. Regards
  13. Azathothh

    [Report - Ninjalooting] Sanuria

    Hello. " Administration doesn’t interfere with the priority of loot rolls. The concerned player should ask raid leader about that. The decision about the priority lies within the raid leader’s concern. " It's up to raid leader if he decides to give cloth item to someone who can wear only cloth instead of someone who can wear more armor types (you can of course ask about armor priority at the beginning of raid and raid leader would have to stick to that rule - he can't change it for every item as he likes) Also screenshots can't be edited/cropped. Regards
  14. Azathothh

    [Report] Azagthtoth

    Hello. Thanks for your report! Yeah, it is similar but i believe that it was not intended, he's probably fan of band Morbid Angel and their guitarist Trey Azagthoth. As long as he's not trying to pretend that he's part of administration it's fine for me Thanks again, Regards
  15. Azathothh

    [Report] Gnomuffka, Samuran, Elkopyto, Farken

    Hello, Thanks for your report, they were punished. Regards
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