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  1. Azathothh

    Curll banned by Azathothh

    Hello. That's not the only case where you've "gifted" something to someone and then that person "gifted" gold to you. In all cases you've received same amount of gold for same amount of Frosthold Coins. We're not banning people who gift items to friends, we're banning people who sell gifts for gold... Appeal rejected, Regards
  2. Azathothh

    Faction Change suddenly disabled

    If we'll find it necessary to be enabled again, we would inform you about it on our discord #frosthold channel.
  3. Azathothh

    Account banned? Not really.

    Hello. It's an automatic ip ban for 10minutes - applied when you enter wrong login or password few times in a short amount of time. When it happens, just wait ~11minutes and try again. Regards
  4. Azathothh

    Koodzak banned by server

    Hello. I'd recommend you to delete all your hacks/bots and never use them again. Next time all your accounts would be perm banned, that's final warning. Appeal rejected, Regards
  5. Azathothh

    slou banned by Azathothh

    We both know it wasn't for friend and what these 5k were for... 4. Selling / buying gold is prohibited. for selling gold, the player is punished with a permanent ban without being able to appeal against it; for buying gold - the removal of all gold, professions and riding on all characters. Appeal rejected, there's no place for goldsellers on our server. Regards
  6. Azathothh

    Account Randomly Suspended

    Hello. Login on our website https://sunwell.pl/ and go into Player's Panel, you'll find information about your ban there. If you would like to appeal, you can do that here: https://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/forum/159-appeals/ Regards
  7. Azathothh

    Kodzak banned by Azathothh

    Hello. Yes, that's wrong - if you see something weird like "flying with no mount" you're supposed to relog/restart game or inform Game Master. The problem is that it wasn't just visual, also "problem with the internet connection" (your ping was fine at that moment) doesn't make you teleport instantly between 2 different zones like Borean Tundra and Storm Peaks. I'll reduce your ban duration because first offense happened very long time ago on Angrathar. Regards
  8. Azathothh

    I am leaving this server, incompetent GMS

    1. Game Masters ARE NOT developers, they have nothing to do with bugs. 2. " dev announces that they look for new GMS " that's not true, our developers doesn't write such announcements. Seems like you're one of these players thinking that moderator is as well a game master/developer/administrator/does have access to database/core code/can do anything. There are different roles for a reason - every staff member does have access to different things and can do/is allowed to do different things. Our developers are working all the time, not only on fixes, but also on implementing new stuff and many different issues. It's not possible to fix everything "just like that" and at the same time. If it's bugged like you say and it wasn't fixed yet, then it means that developers were busy with different things. If that's too hard for you to understand i'm not even going to try to stop you, as private servers are definitely not for you (even on retail there's lots of bugs and Blizzard have "bit more" resources than private servers do)
  9. Azathothh

    faction change

    It means that your character doesn't meet one of the requirements: - it can't be in a guild - mailbox must be empty - you can't have auctions posted on AH - you can't have any mails pending Regards
  10. Azathothh

    Pojkee banned by Azathothh

    Hello. Thank you! We will keep it up, we're going to ban all goldsellers as it's against our rules and we don't want that kind of stuff on our server. If you're selling gold from accounts B and C, but not from A, it doesn't mean that A won't be banned... 3. Selling your account on an auction site (such as eBay) or any other (for example, MMO forums) for real money (PLN, EUR, USD, etc.) will result in a permanent ban. 4. Selling / buying gold is prohibited. for selling gold, the player is punished with a permanent ban without being able to appeal against it You're not only selling gold but also sold account with mage, so that's "double" perm ban. I think your clients won't be happy as they were banned as well mr RespoBoost. Appeal rejected, Best regards
  11. Azathothh

    [Frosthold] Naxxramas - 4.12.2019

    We're not resetting anything now since it's 1st season available on Frosthold
  12. Azathothh

    abusive language

    Hello. Here is the section that you're looking for: https://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/forum/158-player-reports/ Regards
  13. Azathothh

    My username don´t exist HELP

    Hello. Account on forum and account on website (sunwell.pl) are 2 different accounts, completely not related. To access website and game you have to create an account here: https://sunwell.pl/register Make sure to check your e-mail for an activation mail, you won't be able to log into that account until it's activated. Regards
  14. Azathothh

    Problem with suggest realmlist

    Hello. Please open config.wtf file in \WTF folder and add this line: SET realmName "Nightbane" or if you already have this line but with different name in " " - change that name to Nightbane. It should help with this issue. Best regards
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