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  1. FiX noThInG indeed. In your amazing statistic, in the first 3 weeks of last month (pre-separated queues) there were a total of 8670 BG's played in the 70-79 bracket. An average of 2890 BG's per week. Since the fix, there have only been 1342 BG's. Less than half than before DESPITE wsg weekend, which is traditionally a big boost in BG's played. So horde are winning a bit more but a lot fewer people are playing, and this will certainly decrease in time too, as queue times worsen.
  2. Here's my experience after the change: I don't know how everyone is losing BG's on alliance now. My record for today is 9-1 A-H. Lost one because horde had FULL 77+ and alliance was petty 70s. But alliance still owns it just as hard from what I can see. EXCEEEEEEPT the queues are now 30-45 min long. I just queued for WSG (on wsg weekend no less) 48 ally in queue - 3 horde. Yay. Seems like this fix has made queues longer with no added benefit to horde. They still refuse to pvp in the 70-79 bracket and they lose just as hard, except now alliance, which is already a super gimped faction, also has long queues. I never had a twink but I was very happy with the instant queue.
  3. There isn't gonna be any queues if you separate, what are people voting 'yes' thinking? salty nerds...
  4. Serafym

    ASSHOLES List (Alliance)

    Yeah, Tinybutt here, I don't know why I'm on this list, but if I've ever kicked you, it's probably because you were incompetent or an idiot. Also, keep in mind that a majority of the party has to vote yes on kicking you, so if a majority of the party has decided to kick you, you probably deserve to be kicked. MOST of the group doesn't want you there, maybe you should accept that and requeue. Good luck in the future, and try not to be so salty. I've been kicked from all-polish groups before just because I wasn't PL and I didn't whine about it on the forums.
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