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  1. Cyanotic

    Twink 19

    Part of me will always want guild names like <Dig Bicks N Corse Hocks> but your story is nice.
  2. Cyanotic

    Twink 19

    Those guild names aren't very fun
  3. Not at this stage in raiding. It only really makes a difference end game (ICC) when you have the gear to mean that missing a HS for Rend GCD won't be a significant DPS/Threat disadvantage.
  4. Cyanotic

    PVP is nearly unbearable

    You're not wrong, horde seems to be non-stop Mage Spriest central which just run in and die.
  5. Cyanotic

    400% 24 hr xp boost ?

    Blizzard currently sell tokens for instant level 110 and magic unicorn mounts. Your idea of blizzlike is warped. Imagine if retail time lasted for 30 days of /played instead of 30 calendar days? Considering people play an hour or two a day generally blizzard would lose so much money.
  6. Cyanotic

    Protection warrior

    It's generally about 25% more than bears in the early stages of WOTLK rading.
  7. I think most people generally level the non gathering proffs at 80 anyway with the exception of Enchanting as you need those leveling greens. Stuff like Smithing, Alch etc are all easily level-able on the cheap through the AH.
  8. Cyanotic

    Twink 19

    I'm up for making a 19, loved that bracket. I could run us through on 80.
  9. Cyanotic

    Battleground experience

    Is there any plan to change this for EXP boost users? Buying a x4 EXP boost and only having it count as x2.5 in BG is pretty annoying.
  10. Cyanotic

    400% 24 hr xp boost ?

    This is exactly right, most players have no concept of economics or Time=/money I'd much rather pay $5 to save hours leveling, if $5 is too much for you then maybe you should think about another line of employment, if you have one.
  11. Cyanotic

    Scripting trash already on sunwell

    > warriors and rogues instantly disarming bladestorm to the point that your bladestorm animation doesnt even start I hated this shit
  12. Cyanotic

    Arena Season 5 - Information

    Yep, no idea why people have trouble admitting that.
  13. Cyanotic

    WTB powerleveling boost for gold

    Best way to do it is to get to level 20 then have someone spam Stockaids,SM,ZF for you in that order. Then queue for Prison and run that till 58. If you can wait a few days I'll be doing that for one of my alts and you can tag along for free.
  14. Cyanotic

    Arena Season 5 - Information

    2's takes 0 skill so the title is meaningless and 5's is basically wintraders only so again the title is meaningless There's a reason that IEM only ever did WoW tournaments in 3v3 format.
  15. Cyanotic

    Arena Season 5 - Information

    The best of the worst If I had my way drake and title would be 3v3 only, no 2v2 or 5v5
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