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  1. Crafty

    Discord Ban Appeal

    Greetings @Slammin, Your ban had been revoked by Azathothh. After re-joining our discord room, please do check #read-first channel. Future ban appeals will not be forgiven so easily. Best regards, Crafty
  2. Crafty

    DIscord ban, Loken #7406.

    Greetings @Loken Your discord ban had been removed, I highly suggest reading our 5 short discord rules, they can be found in #read-first channel. Future ban appeals will not be forgiven so easily. Best regards, Crafty
  3. Crafty

    Ban for bugs on the server for DC

    Greetings! I was the GM who contacted you after getting a report; the whole conversation consisted of me asking questions about how to reproduce the bug, and I wished you a pleasant day. Afterwards, I had shared the information amongst staff members and realized that the last "DC" was 3 days before. Meaning that character has been abusing it for 3 days straight and you had not reported it to us directly, only after being contacted.
  4. Crafty

    Wrongful Ban

  5. Crafty

    Account freeze

    Player AK was banned for supplying with gold a goldseller. It doesn't seem like he bought gold (which is also against our rules). Appeal declined
  6. Crafty

    [Bobdobolina] Banned by Crafty

    Recorded proof was reviewed by other two staff members. The ban reason was changed into teleport hack. Appeal declined.
  7. Crafty

    Sladkysosok banned by Crafty

    After further checking, we are unable to unban those accounts. We had found goldselling proof on both realms for the included accounts. Appeal declined.
  8. Crafty

    [Magyang,TuoTuo] Banned by Crafta

    Hello, I had sent you a PM with the details regarding the ban.
  9. Crafty

    Sladkysosok banned by Crafty

    Hello, The accounts in question were initially banned on Nightbane, not Angrathar. I will need a bit more time to check on the other realm aswell.
  10. Crafty

    [Shangqing] Banned by crafty

    Hello, It seems the reason was supplying gold to a player who was banned for goldselling. But the gold sums are too small. I will unban your account. Sorry for the mistake.
  11. Crafty

    [Linzi] (Banned by Crafty)

    Solved through discord. Reason was completely different. Player's explanation was enough. Appeal accepted
  12. Crafty

    [Quickplaya] (Banned by Crafty)

    Greetings That account was banned for botting in battlegrounds for 7 days according to our rules. Weird movement, weird pathing, going on the same road, using only Smite and dying each time, following other players and failed a few of our botting tests. My saved proof consists of 30 minutes of checking your character were the botting script was turned off and on for short periods of time. This issue was also reviewed by Senior GM Adrestia at the time of the checking.
  13. Crafty

    [Tessika] (banned by Crafty)

    Greetings That account was banned for being tied with several botting cases: Duli/ Dulla / Tessi / Tesso. All of the cases were botting skinning and sending the goods to the same spot. If you can provide a explanation about this, please PM me through forum or discord. For now, appeal declined. Edit: After contacting me with a explanation, I had given character Tessika another chance. Other ones remain permanently banned.
  14. Crafty


    Greetings I had not issued that ban. @Adrestia
  15. Crafty


    Greetings I had not issued that ban. @Adrestia
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