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  1. Crafty

    [Ninjaloot in raid naxx 25] Epix

    Greetings! Please extend the chatbox for it to show more lines. There is not enough evidence to analyze this report.
  2. Crafty

    15. Mchammer

    Greetings @Płomyczek Item will be deleted from Tubdunkers Player Mchammer has been banned for 7 days and added to the ninjalooting list.
  3. Crafty

    Ninjalooting Looter name :Aprilo

    Greetings! We cannot interfere in group loot distribution.
  4. Crafty

    14. Azufelle

    Greetings @chang Item Leggings of the Wanton Spellcaster has been deleted from player Miiraa. Azufelle was temporarily banned and added to the ninjalooting list for 30 days
  5. Crafty

    [Dismissed]13. Envyme

    Greetings! Envyme has been added to the ninjalooting list. I see no evidence from him trying to fix this issue. After reviewing this case again, I had missed the part where Envyme had said , it seems like a honest mistake. For now I can only apologize to Envyme for the mistake I had done, I had removed the punishment as there is no case of ninjalooting here.
  6. Crafty

    [Ninjalooting] Epix

    Greetings! I am not able to see the entire roll. It should be in the format of ROLL [item] roll roll roll
  7. Crafty

    Ninjalooting] Pjsul

    Greetings! I don't see the screenshot with the conversation where the raid leader agreed with these rules
  8. Crafty


    Greetings! Shaman is able to wear that item as well. There was no ninjalooting in this case
  9. Crafty


  10. Crafty

    [Ninjalooting] Cheater

  11. Crafty

    [Ninjaloot] Farbror

    Greetings! We cannot interfere if the loot distribution was set on group loot.
  12. Crafty

    Ninja loot at VoA25

    Greetings! We cannot interfere is the loot distribution was set on group loot.
  13. Crafty

    OS 25 2D Ninja

    Greetings! We require more screenshots to properly analyze the report
  14. Crafty

    Zervox Ninja

    Greetings! Please add that player to your ignore list, the matchmaking system will ban him from ever joining your RDF groups. https://sunwell.pl/page/rules
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