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  1. Sunwell staff, why are you ignoring legit reports? What's wrong?
  2. Bew

    Guide: Fury Warrior

    It was copy-pasted from http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=211093
  3. Your name - SinstralisReported player's name - SarokhDate - 05/01/2019Rule that was broken - NinjalootingDescription - Guy kept all of the loot saying he will roll after last boss, others got nervous some even said he's ninja and got kicked. After that I said that everyone can report if smth goes wrong with looting and provided link - got insta kicked and insulted.Evidence - Screenshots attached
  4. Why I still don't see that player in ninjalist? I made a report on Friday! Upping that, don't be lazy, take measures.
  5. Bew


    Your name SinstralisReported player's name CliffburtonDate - 28/12/2018Rule that was broken - NinjalootingDescription - I won the roll for item, but Cliffburton decided to give the item to his friend, as you can see many rolled higher than the guy item was given toEvidence - Screenshot attached
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