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    give this man <SALTMASTER> title
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    Your name - GrayfoxReported player's name -GoldstrikeDate -08-09-2018Rule that was broken -3. Party chat in dungeons gathered via Dungeon Finder has a requirement of speaking EnglishDescription -basically the tank was writing in some language different than English nobody understood him and I got kicked because I asked him to use English.Evidence -https://imgur.com/rW0c5y8
  3. Topic content: rude Priest flaming me for asking the tank to watch the healer's mana. Your name-grayfox Reported player's name- healfornudes Date--09/03/2018 Rule that was broken-Chat rules 6.-insulting other players is prohibited Description- we entered the dungeon tank immediately started pulling healer had 4 k mana we wiped I told the tank to watch for the healer's mana then the priest went into rage mode started insulting and being rude. evidence- https://imgur.com/a/1hjot https://imgur.com/a/97T8C ty for reading my report.
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