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  1. Direction

    Erolie afking in Wintergrasp

    Thanks for the report, warning was issued.
  2. Direction

    Banned for LAG!!!!

    Sorry, appeal rejected.
  3. Direction

    Unlucky discord ban, Tuss #6008.

  4. Direction

    Any chance for new players?

    In my experience guilds have always been willing to bring in and teach new people, especially if you stick around longer than 1 or 2 weeks, best of luck!
  5. Direction

    [report] Disease

    Thankfully this has been patched.
  6. Direction

    Report Neberal

    Thanks for the report.
  7. Direction

    Yp / Pyrdee - Ninja Looting

    Opinion #2: Its clearly caster dps gear, and is kind of hard to argue in favor of you getting the item over them.
  8. Direction

    Stolen item on Voa 25

    Opinion 2: Definitely not enough evidence to justify a ban.
  9. Direction


  10. Direction

    Bunik Banned by Ysolte

  11. Direction

    Kolotrzyk banned by Asureuz

  12. Direction

    Communiist, banned by Doremi

  13. Direction

    Juxigar double Banned by Crafty

  14. Direction

    No ToC to gear uo ?

    We're currently on patch 3.1, and ToC is patch 3.2.
  15. Direction


    Here is a link to our discord. https://discordapp.com/invite/KCsr9pn @Crafty
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