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  1. Hi ppl, Due to my family condition, I can only play at those hours, I normaly log in at 22:30 and play until 01:00. So I am looking for a social guild with nice chats in /g and raiding around that server hours. I'm MM hunter 80, with 4.4K gs Thank you! Redan
  2. Redan

    [A] Adventure Time - relaxed raiding

    Eyy!! Are you still looking for more members? My main character is a mage lvl 72 / GS.1700 (Redanoi) I like to help and play in a relaxed way, of course I can join any raid or party for dungeons.
  3. Redan

    Addon Damage Meter

    Awesome! Thanks. I'll try it this afternoon.
  4. Redan

    Addon Damage Meter

    Hi everyone, Could you help me find an addon like damage meter? I just want to know how much damage I do in a Raid/Dungeon comparing with my team. I found the Damage meter in Curse but the lowest version game is 5.3.0 Thank you, Redan
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