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  1. Avender

    Engineering googles

    Due to lack of reply i dropped engi and rolled BS instead. Tho I lost like 300gold in the process it's still worth more than useless engineering.
  2. Avender

    Engineering googles

    Hi, Just wanted to ask when engineering googles will be added to the game - as they originally were added in patch 2.1 (so the one that added BT, but no guilds were past T4 at that time). Will those recipes be added earlier, or we need to wait for when BT is opened?
  3. Wait wait wait, if you wanted it and waited for it, you surely will know it's here and how to use it. Thank god you can turn it off - this should be the default option. Hope you will be able to only have paid transmogs (for sunwell coins) - having transmog tokens "drop" or be otherwise farmable gonna smell like funserver which you guys probably attempted to ommit.
  4. Avender

    3v3 Tournament Information

    @MrCulé @Shatter Has it been agreed who would provide commentary (in english/polish)?
  5. "please buff my class" lol get back to playing legion
  6. HA-HA, good one. A little bit of maths for you: Patchwerk ring: 57str, 61stam, 54crit, 32expertise. Combined 57AP, ~1.1crit, 32 expertise rating. 0.5 crit rating more, more itemlevel (which seems to be important for you) Gundrak HC: 49agi, 51stam, 33expertise, 100AP. Combined 149AP (154with BoK), ~0.6%crit (0.65 with BoK), 33 expertise rating. 92AP(97with BoK) more overall. Provided that your priority stat after hitcap should be AP or Haste, then the choice is obvious. And you're obviously stupid About the #topdps part, waiting for some evidence from recount or skada to back it up, as I can't find you in any logs we got from arny raid being in top10, so either you talk shit (more probable) or the logs are broken BTW, i Joined them here, I'm not from their crew and I'm not affiliated with them in any way, yet your bullshit made me react.
  7. I wanted to respond with a big wall of text, but I just realized I can post what "triggered" Bigcritz to leave the guild - he asked, that a strength+crit/expertise ring would be given to him, stating it's BiS and linking an arp ring as his current item (he mentioned something about "yeh arp is shit for shamans" which is a inside-guild joke right now ). So not sure if he's just plain stupid or a lootwhore (more itemlevel more skill isobvious tho), but he Gundrak Heroic ring is a lot better (circa by some 100ap and overall agi gained from BoK). So, to sum up, decide on yourselves if it's the Guild who's bad for knowing how shamans work in wotlk, or Bigcritz is just stupid Meanwhile, we're at 15/15 Naxx25 (full clear yday in ~3hours, with strong squad rotation to gear up those who need it most). This could easily go to less than 2.5 hours with the optimized core on all bosses We'll see how it goes in the week to come - Malygos tuesday in front of us!
  8. Avender

    XP Boost

    Hi, Got the exact same problem: I've made a screenshot of the error, namely it doesn't show the bought today xp boost x4 in active privileges. I added it to my character with no errors but it still doesn't show as active on that character.
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