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  1. Hello Sunwell Team! I have been banned from Discord and would like to appeal my ban, however I am completely left in the dark so i don't know why I was banned and it also leave me unable to justify a reason as to why I should be appealed. As far as I know I have not doing anything wrong on the discord that should lead to a ban. These are the Discord rules taken from Dredd's post on the forum 1. It is not allowed to post any content which violates the good name of an institution, company or other people. Specifically: pornography; insulting or vulgar messages; discrimination against people's beliefs, ethnicity, indirectly or directly promoting such discrimination; content promoting violence, communism or fascism. 2. Spamming is not allowed. and I can assure that I did not spam or insult anyone or discriminate anyone. Once I got banned no one gave me a response as to why I was banned and I was also not able to contact anyone from the Sunwell team mainly because most people have only enabled to receive messages from people that they share server with. I'm not sure where else to post this so I just took it here and am hoping to get into contact with anyone with team to discuss this or at least get to know a reason for my ban. Regards Lethal
  2. Seems like I got ignored the first time so I will ask again: Will we be able to access Saph/KT right away once Ulduar is released?
  3. Will players be able to access Sapphiron and KT right away or not?
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